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User Topic: There actually is Justice! Long winded sorry!
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The message I want to convey is that you need to fight when someone tries to screw you over!

The story:

My divorce attorney took full advantage of me during the most vulnerable time in my life.

During this time period I was devastated finding out the depth of ex's infidelity with a heroin addicted escort (nicer way to say hooker).
My youngest daughter started cutting and was inpatient 4 times in 10 months on suicide watch. When she was not in the hospital she slept with me. I "slept" with my hand around her wrist in fear that she would hurt herself in the middle of the night.
I was alone dealing with this plus watching out for my other 2 daughters (Older but still needing support). POSNPD went on vacation during 2 of dd's hospitalizations. Once was 1 1/2 hours away but he opted to just call instead of taking time off from his vaca.

How do you call it vacation when you don't work?

In addition I developed a thyroid condition, my hair fell out and became clinically depressed.
All the while the attorney changes up the billing charges. Charges me $125.00 an hour to have paralegals copy documents. Hires another lawyer as a consultant which is on her tab according to the contract but charges me.
But the ultimate...She charges me to fight a contempt judgement against her!

I take responsibility for the fact that I should have stopped her but I was incapacitated. I could not cope with the bills coming in.

Brought her before a Board of Arbitration (Bar Association)

Sorry so long winded but she tried to milk me out of HUGE amounts of money in addition of what I had already paid her. The Board handed down the Judgement today.. I owe her NOTHING more.

There is a wonderful life on the other side of hell.

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Oh, what a relief! I'm glad there is a spot of justice with all of the hard times you are surviving.

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I am glad that you got some justice.


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This is awesome, Rising!!! I'm so glad to hear it.

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That's great news, and good for you for doing something about it! The legal system is so intimidating, most people don't have that kind of courage.

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