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User Topic: Day 4 of hard 180-need advice
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Saturday was your overnight day and you chose to attend a bachelor party.

I would not allow any "loosely created" schedules.

If you need to, go get a mediator to help you create a visitation (and, a support) schedule.

If he blows his visitation time because he wants to do something else, he can come back at the next scheduled time.

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Consistency is vital for children.

Stick to what you arranged.

Seek support in an agreement if you need to later.

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He chose the bachelor party over his son. He did not make the phone call in advance to let you know. You were the one to call him, yes? I wouldn't respond to his text! Or if you feel the need to, tell him you already made plans with your son and Maybe next Saturday will work for him!

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I would tell him "Sorry but you decided against seeing your son, your next arranged day is x"... Also you need to file custody papers BEFORE he decides to. Even if you guys end up staying together you want something legal that shows this is what is agreed to.

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Dont tell me he didnt know that there was a bachelor party on and he suddenly found out a couple of days beforehand. Why leave it to the last minute to tell you that he had other plans? What if you had not contacted him first and you sat and waited for him to pick up your little one, and your little one was expecting him and dad was a no show? You also have a life, what if you had plans yourself?
I would say no, sorry you missed your visit, you can see him when your next visit is scheduled that is if you dont have anything else on.
Your WH should not be disrespectful to you or his child.

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No freaking way. This is what I was talking about in your other thread.
Tell him he knowingly passed up his scheduled time and you have other plans and will not be available.
Send it with the original times and then clearly state his next scheduled time and be done and even if you don't have plans he doesn't need to know that.

No more happy family bullshit.
He made this mess time to deal with consequences. No more spending time with daddy at your place either. Make him take him and go to his place.

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Just ignore. That tells him all he needs to know.

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BS- me 37
WH- him 38
1 son - almost 5
Married 8 years
Together 13 years
DDay 4/19/14
9 months of intense EA
2 days of PA

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Nice going

You are doing great!!

Don't give an inch

Glad you are feeling a little better

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