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Well friends, I'm taking another step toward the finish line. Tomorrow is my first court ordered mediation with my attorney and mediator. Next week the mediator will meet with stbx and his attorney. Then the following week, we will all meet together and attempt to settle. I know, I know ~ Why do I have to bring my attorney? I would rather not since basically I'm paying to sit with these two guys which will cost a total of $500/hour. But that's how the mediator does it and that's who's rules we follow.

I had to release some claims to money owed because I do not have the "proper" documentation that supports my claims. It hurts but it's reality.

He would like to cut off support for DD18 who is on the autism spectrum and has multiple psychiatric issues. Her mental health does not allow her to pursue school or work at this time. I do have enough documentation to ask the mediator/court to deviate from the normal child support guidelines. I also have research that explains the high costs of raising a child on the spectrum. I will fight for continued support at least for 2 more years at which time, I will be in a better position to financially support her on my own.

He still hasn't paid his half of: children's uncovered medical bills, children's cellphone bill, and tuition for both children.

I hope that the mediator will be able to persuade stbx to settle. But I know that the probability is low as I am dealing with someone who is only thinking of himself and has constantly lied throughout this entire divorce. I hope the mediator will convince him to put our children's best interest FIRST.

Lastly, I will be asking him to rescind his false police report stating that I stole his fire extinguisher. I need to have that report CLOSED before I start applying for internships next semester. I know it's a long shot, but I'm still going to try.

If you could please keep me in your thoughts tomorrow (Thursday), I would really really appreciate it. I will update this post tomorrow afternoon. Love you all!

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Hope it all goes well for you tomorrow.

You'll be in my thoughts ((hugs))

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Good luck.

If I were you, ask for the support for DD for more than 2, so you can back down and get AT LEAST 2....if your plan is you are done school in 2, give yourself another year to get your legs under you in a job.

Also, I'm pretty sure with a child with a disability you can also request that after that point, he give some amount to her directly for years to come to help her, especially if she may never be able to work/make a steady income.

Good luck again!

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Mojo and patience and wishes that he wakes up reasonable even if it is only temporary.

I will be thinking of you tomorrow!!

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Sending you good mediation mojo.

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I have (in a non-creepy and non-stalkery way) followed your story from the beginning and am so happy that you are nearing the finish line.

All of my most positive thoughts are heading your way. You've got this! Feel strong; wear favorite clothes tomorrow. Remember that you are a wonderful person and keep positive thoughts.

I await your happy update!

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Good luck tomorrow dmari. I hope everything works out in your favor!

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Thank you for the luck, mojo and wishes! I will be tucking it into my pocket and taking it with me!

devistatedmom: Good advice! Thank you!

phmh: Love you girl! Thank you for your kind words and support!

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Good luck today!

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You have a great plan outlined going in, you sound prepared and that will help greatly through the process.

Good luck today!

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Good luck dmari! Sending you best wishes and strength!

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Hope all is going well today, dmari! (((((hugs)))))

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Sending mojo.


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