User Topic: We are all so Specific on our d-day dates.
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Frustrated  Posted: 8:23 PM, July 17th (Thursday)

Notice how most of us can list the exact date of our D-day? I guess we can add this to the list of dates/places that are forever burned into our memories ... Kennedy's assignation, Armstrong's first step on the moon, the attack on the World Trade Center/pentagon/ and wherever those poor brave souls on the Pennsylvania flight were headed..... And God help us all - our D-day(s). I can't remember my zip code half the time - but July 8th 2013 will forever be burned into my brain.

BS 60; fWH 59; 2 children, 1 grandchild; Married 37+ years, he is my only; D-day 7/8/13; MOW, PA 2009-?. Broke it off about a week before I found out. Sexting on cheating forums 14 YEARS. Idiot me. STATUS UPDATE - SEPARATED :-(

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Mine was my best friends birthday, I hate that her special day will always be tarnished in my mind :(

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D-day #1 Christmas Eve
D-day #2: DS birthday

Won't ever forget.

Me: BH 47 STBXWW 47 (Lklb5)
M 19 years, DS 15, DS 11
DD#1: 12/24/2013
TT/Broke NC/False R
DD#2: 4/15/2014
TT 4/23, 4/24, 5/31, 7/19

Sample recovery plan, feedback welcome:

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You never forget the days that the world as you knew it ended.

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I have so many antiversary dates coming up:

When they first connected.
when I first suspected.
My actual anniversary (which I won't be celebrating this year).
And then Dday.


Me: 58
Him: 65
Married: 21 years (well, we'll say 19 now!).
One son: 19, 2 adult stepdaughters
DDay: Oct. 14, 2013
18 month EA/PA with COW
Dday #2: 4/16/14 - took it underground for 5 months.
Haven't decided on outcome.

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True... But the farther out I have gotten, the less this date means to me anymore. Of course, I divorced the Doosh so I am sure that has something to do with my feelings.

My divorce date is a date of celebration for me now. It's 2 days before my dday (on the calendar) so it took the sting out of dday for me.

divorced the Dooosh
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sometimes it does not matter anymore,
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June 12th, 2008. The day my world crashed and burned.

Me - BS, 39 (I'm not old...I'm vintage)
Two Wonderful children - DS10, DD7
Married, for now... (4+ D-Day - listed in profile.)

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Like PurpleRose, I hope and think these become less burned into our brains with time. It is amazing how the dates stick with everyone. But I firmly believe the impact fades!

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I don't remember much but my god I remember that day like the back of my hand. I've never felt worse even after having several close people die. A death is something that is natural I guess and easier to deal with.

Me: BH 32years old DDay 4-29-13
Her: WW 33 years old
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Actually, I don't remember any of the exact dates of D-days in my first M (there were 4 of them). It is my opinion, that at least for me, the main reason I remember the two D-days from my current M is because of this forum, realizing we have a term called "D-day" and there is the word antiversary, to commemorate the date in future years.

In the first M, the first D-day was about three years into the M, when our D was about one. I can't pin point it any further than that. I don't even know if it was summer or winter. The second D-day was in November of 1988. I only remember it was slightly before Thanksgiving and I was 7 months preg. with our 3rd child. I remember crying on Thanksgiving, and being thankful for nothing...

The 3rd D-day can be narrowed down to either right before the new year of 1989 began (that same OW from a couple of months earlier). If I wanted to do a little homework I could definitely figure out the exact date of the fourth D-day as I do remember that it was on a Sunday, Father's Day, 1992. I remember trying to make the day normal for the kids. We went to McDonalds with him to "celebrate" Father's day. I didn't confront him until after they went to bed that night. I filed for a D two days later.

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June 6, 2014, 12:30ish a.m. is when I opened the phone log. 2:17 a.m. is when I called and told him to come home. 4ish a.m. is when I found out it had been sexual and not just sexting. 11:30ish a.m. is when I found out about OW1 and that it went back a year.

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It's been 7 years and the exact dates have faded for me. There's so much other b.s. to remember and be traumatized by.

M 2007. DDay 2008
~10+ CL Prostitutes in 8 months
Divorcing SAWH "ActionsOverWords"
Me: Early 30s BW (also an adult OC) w Baby DS

6 years of TT, hidden STD & false R
Separated 5 mos+; he will not commit
Someday I will be okay

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I don't remember my first Dday. Like Bobbi_Sue said, I didn't have SI, I didn't discuss it with anyone, I didn't have it written down, least of all in a signature on a forum I read everyday.
I remember the day, I remember what happened but not the date.

I know it was either some time in late 2009 or early 2010 but beyond that, I honestly couldn't tell you. I have 01/10 because it was around that time, January 2010, but I didn't want to run out of characters in my sig!

My 2nd Dday, I remember because it happened after I found SI and I put in my signature so I see it every day.

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Me - 27
Him - 27

My Ddays - 01/10 & 12/04/14
His Dday - 23/12/13

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I will never forget the day that my world as I knew it crumbled and my heart broke into a million pieces

DD April Fools Day 2014 (unfortunately no joke)

BS (me) 40
WH 38
OW - a friend of WH for 5 years

4 month EA which turned into a 5 month PA

Us together 20 years, married 17 and 6 kids

I always thought I was enough but obviously not!

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July 11, 2008 at 1:29 pm

A date that will be forever burned in my brain. The day my life as I knew it fell apart.

It just passed and didn't crush me, but I'll never forget that day.

Me: BS 43
H : WS 46
DD #1 7-11-08
DD#2 8-21-09 same OW, A never ended.
Started R in 12-09
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October 21, 2012.
You know, on the one year anniversary, I was prepared to feel devastated all over again. And I wasn't. Our divorce had been finalized the previous month, it was a beautiful day, I wore a pretty dress to work…it didn't destroy me again. Still, I doubt I will ever forget the date.

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August 10, 2010...11:54am.

I had just glanced at the clock as I sat down at the computer..and found his secret email account logged in.

FWH 45
4 kids
M: June 2001
D-Day: 8/10/10
Status: Reconciling?

..that feeling you get in your stomach, when you heart's broken. It's like all the butterflies just died.

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I do not remember when my gut told me that my H was having an A. During the LTA each day of the A was a continuing D-day.

Oh, but the day the shit hit the fan! I remember every single detail. My therapist said that contact from it made the A real.

Coincidently, it was the same day that my H and I began his cancer journey. This day, was the day that I had to face the fact that my life as I had hoped, was no more.


ME Doing Better
WH Trying As Best He Can
Married 23 years
Status: Working towards friendship
D Day #1 - 2007 My gut told me
D Day #2 - 2010 His D told me
D Day #3 - 1/11/2013 OW Confirmed
LTA 7 years

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For me it was New Year's Eve, so kind of hard to forget. It isn't a trigger or anything, not anymore. I do sometimes measure time in how long since the divorce, or how long before D-day, i.e. moved to XXX 3 years before D-day, crap like that. I need to stop that.

"On particularly rough days when I'm sure I can't possibly endure, I like to remind myself that my track record for getting through bad days so far is 100% and that's pretty good."

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Yup. My world has crashed twice in the same week- four years apart. 4.16.10 I lost my first pregnancy. 4.18.14 I lost my husband... Well, found out I'd lost him, he's been gone a while.

Me: 31, BW Him: 38, WH
2 children (ours) 7/11 & 3/14
D-day 4/18/14 I saw his 'other' email

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I have two dates that will never be forgotten.
How can you ever forget the dates that altered your life?

July 23, 2003 - I discovered a receipt for jewelry - never meant or given to me.
August 20, 2004 - 13 months later when I confronted him.

Me: BS
Him: FWH LTA 10+ years
Married:32 years; Together 34
In R I pray
1 Daughter; 1 Son
D-Day 7/2003
Confrontation 8/2004
Relapse 8/2006

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One thing that my first worthless MC said that sort of made sense was to try and think of the calendar as more linear as cyclic. That kind of worked for me. That meant that I only allowed dday to have one day of my life. It's a nice theory anyway.

Me 41
fWW 37
DD(19), DS(17), DD(11) (Mine, hers, ours)
Together 14y, Married 12
DDay Aug 2010, 4 mos TT & gaslighting
ONS + EA after 15yr Class reunion out of state

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July 26 was not my D-Day (that came about two weeks later) but it was:

-The birthday of my dog, who died two days after I found out I was pregnant for the first time
-The due date of that pregnancy, which I lost
-The day my husband got head from a paid escort

I do not like July 26. For me it's worse than D-Day.

We're both in our 30s. One awesome 4-year-old daughter.

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August 14, 2012: I confronted him and bludgeoned him into a confession. I was not surprised at his confession, but what did surprise me was learning that the A had been going on since 2003, just before we moved from OW's city.

July 19, 2003: WH f*cks OW for the first time. Our marriage is thereby dissolved, spiritually if not legally.

I know the above date from some photos taken that day. I doubt if FWH is even remotely conscious that tomorrow will be the 11th anniversary of his decision to betray me. It will not be an easy day for me.

Me: BW, age 66
Him: WH, age 64
Married 19 years
In R.

D-Day: August 14, 2012
9 year LTA with former co-worker and family "friend"/7 years EA+PA, 2 more years EA

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The d-day that I list in my profile is actually the night I confronted. I actually went through months of discovery leading up to that date.

However, I had the wrong date in my profile for two years

7 years out and it's not a big deal anymore. You will get there

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

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I consider dday the day we got our marriage back....we plan on going away every year to our favorite spot....

3 adult children 1D 2S
LTA 09-2010 - 11-2012
D-day - 11-11-2012
status - reconciling and very hopeful
"Let Go of Control; Let God's Life Flow" ...Richard Rohr

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Conversely how many here have WS that DO NOT remember the date of Dday?

Mine has seems to have no idea.

Forgive and forget = Relive and regret.

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Jan. 26th, 2009. The day passes now without me remembering but ask me and I can tell you.

WH, on the other hand, has no clue.

2 year LTA-double betrayal, D-day 1-26-2009 and many months of TT. 2 more recent d-days-way overstepped boundaries.

Married 27 years. Together 29.

3 children 24, 21, 14

OW sex addict and romance addict according to MC.

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April 20, 2007.

yeah, there were some 4/20 jokes between them that I read that night.

But I don't remember my second dday. It's either August 3 or 4. Don't know, don't care.

I don't think I'll ever forget the April date, but it holds much less power over me. It was acknowledge by us this year, but we spent about 5 minutes on it and went about our day.

Him WH
2 ddays in '07
"The cure for the pain, is the pain." -Rumi

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Conversely how many here have WS that DO NOT remember the date of Dday?

I doubt he remembers the YEAR.

We're both in our 30s. One awesome 4-year-old daughter.

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2/19/09 - the day I surprised him by moving out. I thought the previous few years were due to family stress, how silly of me!

March 09 - I do not remember the exact date I found out about bitchface. Just know I did it all wrong - confronted him in MC THAT day. wrong, wrong, wrong (newbies...learn from my mistakes!)

He is, and has always been, terrible with dates. So he does not remember much, but what he DOES know is this....I have the memory of an elephant when it comes to events and dates!

Me: BS
Him: WH

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I can tell you the exact date AND time. It is like a demarcation in time -- there is Before and then there is After.

However the antiversary of the date 9 years past no longer affects me. I don't acknowledge it and recently it has come and gone before I notice.

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Cool  Posted: 3:31 PM, July 18th (Friday)

Wow, I just went to write my d-date and I am not sure of the date? November 9th I think.
The days events are burned into my head however the date now has little significance.
Our life changed forever but believe it or not almost all for the better. I wouldn't wish it on anyone but if you survive it you can go on to have a wonderful new life together.

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DDay - 11/4/09
BS-49 DDay
fWS-46 DDay
EA/PA with childhood sweetheart/ kissed
R - 11/25/09
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Thanks for all the replies everyone - FYI my DDay is my H birthday - he can celebrate that by himself. I'm not buying him something nice for his birthday. Last year (right before DDay) I bought him a damn boat. Am I naive or what? Soon after DDay I went with him while he fished - I waited on the shore reading. He took that opportunity to text a biker chick he met in a bar that he was fishing "alone " and wished she was there. What an assh*ld. The sh*t he did to me after DDay is especially painful as he did it AFTER witnessing my AGONY. A year out and still wondering if this is worth it.

BS 60; fWH 59; 2 children, 1 grandchild; Married 37+ years, he is my only; D-day 7/8/13; MOW, PA 2009-?. Broke it off about a week before I found out. Sexting on cheating forums 14 YEARS. Idiot me. STATUS UPDATE - SEPARATED :-(

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July 29, 2012... She woke me up at 9:15ish AM to tell me that the reason she had been acting strange the past few days was that she had met someone new at work a week and a half prior, had spent the night at his house when I was out of town for work the week prior to Dday and she was pretty sure he was her soul mate so she was leaving. I hadn't even had my coffee yet. Hell of a way to start a Sunday.

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I'm one of those who never paid attention to dates prior to Dday. My DDay is Dec. 27, 2010, late in the evening. I caught him texting the AP minutes after we had had sex. It was a memorable holiday gift.

After that searing experience, I reconstructed my life with a calendar, receipts, phone records, etc. Every date is burned in my brain. The memories of what we were doing and how he acted and my constant confusion are still crystal clear. The dates mean absolutely nothing to him; he's oblivious.

As the years since Dday have passed, the dates have less power but they're still noted. It's all so very sad.

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I remember the dates very clearly. However 5 years later they come and go without much thought. It becomes less significant. You'll see.

Me: now 38
Him: up and left for OW
OW: old maid mid thirties with biological clock ticking, desparate for a man.
Divorced the cheater - 8/2011
Married the most AMAZING man - 10/2013

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yes but do you notice that they never remember when they last talked to OW? I have a theory on this. In AA they say if you can't remember when your last drink was that means you haven't had your last drink yet. I told my husband that if you can't remember when you ended it with OW then it hasn't ended. Sure enough he admitted a few weeks later it didn't end when he said it did. I said well when did it. "a few weeks after". Yep, still hadn't ended.

Dday March 12, 2014. Found out my husband of almost 10 years was having an affair, first emotional then physical for 6 months.

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I dont remember specific dates with XWH because 1) there were so many that it all blended together after a while and 2) he and I havent been together in a long time, so it no longer matters to me.

With current WH, since it just happened last weekend and I was completely blindsided, I wont likely forget for a long time.

Me - 42
SorryInSac (WH#2) - 47. DDay 7/12/14
Married 4, together 7yrs total
Status - Stick a fork in me...

DD(21), DS(18, PDD-NOS)
6 Furkids - 4 dogs, 2 cats

WXH (serial cheater, 12+ OW) - Legally married 18yrs

I edit often for clarity.

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Cant remember the day i got a hole in one, cant remember the day i bowled a 300 game, cant remember the day my dad died but 9/9/11, my wife told me she had a boyfriend, fucked him, and fucked some stranger............guess its just a day you don't forget.

M 24 yrs
DD 9/9/11
Drunken ONS w/aquaintance, EA/PA with co-worker. Moved in w/AP 10/1/11, Kicked Out 12/19/11

24 years down the tubes, but at least I lost my man boobs.

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I don't remember the exact date but I do know it was summer 2000 (the first D-day; there were a few over the years). But I absolutely remember us being in the kitchen, him sitting at the table, me standing over him, and him telling me he refused to stop seeing OW1, even though I asked him to.

The dates have faded in my mind - I can point to the year and approximate month but nothing closer than that.

Even so... I will never forget how each one made me feel.

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I find myself feeling crappy, really down or short and bitchy and then happen to see the calendar and it's one of the 3 consecutive Dday's. It's like my subconscious knows before I do.

It's 11 months out, so I guess that's early, especially considering WH still isn't willing to actually deal with the A details or healing. He's trying to be a model H in many other ways he hasn't been for our almost 13 years of M. But the core of the A's, is off limits in his wheel house.

3 Ddays (right now I trigger every month)
8/8/13 - slept with prosititue
8/9/13 - I found her hair and makeup smeared all over the hotel sheets, he denied
8/10/13 - Continued denial to my face while still in hotel, I forced him to open his yahoo account, he had deleted messages in his inbox and his deleted folder, but forgot about the sent items folder, I found the hooker communication and arrangement making emails.

I'm not looking forward to those 3 days next month. WH doesn't even know they exist on the calendar.

D-Day 1 8/8/13 :: WH was with prostitute, I found the physical evidence 24 hours later.
Much has happened since.
Not sure where we're at....... MC, IC, R'ish

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9/9/13; our 18th wedding anniversary. Found out that he had just ended a 7 week affair with old girlfriend who had been a friend of mine for about four years as a teenager.

10/25/13; found out that the affair in the summer was the 2nd affair. He confessed to having had a short affair with the same OW 13 years earlier, when my son was about 5 months old.

They are two dates that I will never forget. In fact, in light of the secret affair 5 years into our marriage, 13 years ago, I feel like I will NEVER be able to "celebrate" our wedding anniversary even if I my dday was not on the actual date. Truly does suck, as does affair season which took place during my favorite time of year; summer.

BW: 44 Me
DDay1 9-9-13 (18th Wedding Anniversary) 6 wk EA, 1 wk PA
DDay2: 10-25-13 EA/PA with same OW 12 1/2 years ago for 3 months
OW: XGF Predator who never stopped pursuing WH
DS 13
DD 11

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For me it feels like my ex died on that day and someone knocked on my door to say "Hey, surprise, surprise! You're H's is dead and by the way he had absolutely no respect for you whatsoever for the entire 25 years of your marriage" WHAM!

For the first two years the 20th November seemed like the anniversary of a death but funnily enough last year the date went past without me noticing. This year I intend to do something wonderful on that day to create a new significance to the date. Why should these days be forever tainted thanks to our stupid WS's? Why give them the power?


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Married 25 years now divorced.
D-Day: 20/11/10
Me: 48.5 plus 10% GST
Him: mental age 6 (apologies to all 6 year olds)
Betrayal: Who cares anymore?

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Gemini71 said it, you never forget the day your world came crashing down on you and around you everything you thought to b safe you found out wasn't that day

WH: 39/BW:Me,32
Married 14 years in March, 2 Beautiful children 8 & 12
D-Day: Xmas Eve 2013-worst day of my life

"The most expensive thing in th world is TRUST, it takes years to earn and just a matter of seconds to lose"

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We will be seven years out from my dday in August. ....but I forgot the date ....

I have to go back to a calendar for 2007 to figure it out, but I can't be bothered.

It used to be a day I held my breath through. ..... now it's a time I/we just breeze by. Holding onto it has no meaning anymore.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”
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Him: 47
Dday 8/2007
We have R'd

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The date is burned into my psyche forever. Also my children reference it because they all found out at the same time. It was 3 days after our 18th wedding anniversary and he had given me a card which says we are peas in a pod... And then wrote that I guess I didn't figure on a snoring pea.

Wrong! I didn't figure on a cheating pea!

Dday: 4th of January, 2014
WH 50
BS 49
18 years of marriage...three children
One affair PA/EA
"You didn't see me I was falling apart, I was a television version of a person with a broken heart." The National

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So many dates from 2010 are triggers for me.

My gut knew months before my mind that something was terribly, dreadfully wrong. The big date was 9-4-2010. That was Dday, though I did not know it at the time. Then 9-24-2010, when H filed for divorce and left the country. I came home that day to find everything of his gone. Every time I walk into our closet I remember how it felt to encounter his side of it completely empty. Then 11-7-2010. That is when OW called to "introduce" herself to me in an attempt to get me to reject WH, who had just left her.

At least two-thirds of me died in 2010.

Me: BS 42
Him: FWH 42 (1 EA; 1 ONS; 1 EA>PA w/ OW in another country)
- M 16 years (12 at time of A)
- Two children post-A

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October 31. Halloween. How could I ever fucking forget that???

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