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After years of searching OW just because, I didn't for the longest time (it has probably been six or seven months) and today I was, I guess, bored and something triggered me to search. I realized I cannot remember her name.
Sweet relief.

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Wow! That must be a beautiful feeling.

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That is great. I hope I get there someday!

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That is awesome. Congratulations.

I wish I could forget her name, her face, her lies and just HER.

I am better but she still disgusts me on so many levels.

Relish in your relief. Progress.

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...wait ... your post made me . I hope you're laughing, too.

She's getting all the respect she deserves.

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I realized I cannot remember her name.

^^How does that even happen?

I am 100% certain that I will never forget MOW name!

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that must feel good

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