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Has anyone heard of Dr. Huizenga?

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awakenedbytruth posted 11/2/2010 17:03 PM

I saw this internet site that he runs that has info and books(Break Free From the Affair)...all at a fee of course. It looks kind of hookey but when he described an affair type, it seemed just like with my WH. So I thought my fellow SI'ers may have the dish on whether this is a scam or good stuff?

hopelessromantic posted 11/2/2010 21:13 PM

I am a member of his site although I don't go there much since I found SI. I did buy the Break Free from the Affair book and it does have some good things in it is and other info didn't apply. It was helpful for me to determine what type of affair my H had. And I get email newsletters from his site regarding articles.

If you want more info, feel free to PM me.

aesir posted 11/3/2010 07:48 AM

Not a member of his site, but I have read the books. I even had a thread summarizing the key points of the 7 types of affairs up in general, but it has slipped into archives so I can no longer bump it.

I may have some info I can send if you want to PM me.

Red Sox Nation posted 11/10/2010 16:25 PM

I talked to him on the phone for about a half-hour (decided against his service). He's not very practical. Some affairs are exit affairs as well, and he'll have you doing exactly the wrong thing.

I found him insightful, but outdated and overconfident.

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