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read this book?

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kayak posted 11/25/2010 10:25 AM

has any one read the book called "Infidelity Crisis: How to Gain Forgiveness and Respect After Your Affair"

jjct posted 11/25/2010 12:41 PM

No, but the one thing I usually check, is how close the advice is to SI's.

It is a good thing that an SI link is given in the "Resources" section of the book's website! Yay!

Also, it seems that the author is a BS, but recommends the book for WS's, and suggests the BS not read it.

Hm. Interesting.

Hufi's post in W, written by poster Messedupanddown is "THE AWESOMEST" "message to the WS" imo

aesir posted 1/2/2011 11:10 AM

Yes, I have read it. The reason it recommends the BS not read it is because virtually no WS will follow all of it. It is almost a step by step manual for the WS, along with explanations of what damage they have done and why each step addresses it.

If you do read it, it is hard not to be disappointed when your WS skips over a few of these items.

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