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cayc posted 12/17/2010 06:48 AM

Has any one looked at the products? Or the Dr. Huizenga e-books ( I get the emails from them (full of teasers promising useful info, but no real info themselves) and I wondered if anyone had actually bought them. Were they helpful? I'm still looking for information to put my WHs affair(s) in context to help me sort through my feelings about what happened. The MarriageSherpa products keep promising to help classify affair types and offer communication tips when conversations are tough. Just curious if others had bought them and found them helpful.

FeelsSoRight posted 12/17/2010 08:12 AM

cayc, I just looked at the website. Read a few of the articles. My personal opinion is it is just fluff. The articles basically told the BS to "live in the present" and "choose not to be jealous" and to "work on preventing affairs before they happen" (duh?) I'm sorry - the authors don't tell you HOW to do these things. They are very "vegetarian" (No meat)

I would not put much stock in the website or therefore the books/materials. But again, just my opinion.

aesir posted 12/18/2010 02:29 AM

The emails and websites are just marketing teasers. Long ago I subscribed to a
"free marketting course" that was mostly about selling franchises for a marketting program, so I recognize the techniques.

The books are not bad, but not worth the price IMHO.

Muchstrongernow posted 12/21/2010 15:20 PM

I recieve those e mails also. The book does look helpful but I'm cautious not to go on "purchase overload". Maybe if I see it at the book store or it comes recomended then I may $$$ it. Honestly I havent read anything as helpful as the person to person feedback I've recieved from the original web site i first found. And some comments from this sitet as well.

ElSnapitan posted 8/5/2011 15:41 PM

I looked at it too. Not going to spend my hard earned money on a book when I can maybe get the same information from one or two other books that I can look at before I buy them...

TrustedHer posted 2/4/2014 06:49 AM

Bumping for new curious members.

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