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do downloaded self help books work?

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nvr flt sch pain posted 4/7/2011 09:54 AM

Hi everyone. I am taking various approaches to resolving the problem of my WH A. I am about to out in play some of the 180 techniques for myself as well as to try and get him to go NC, I am also gathering evidence just in case he is still in some kind of A as I am scared it may still be going on and that will change what we need to do next. As well as that I am looking to fix some of our exsiting problems and some of the problems caused by the A. Does anyone know if any of the programmes available for download are any good please and are there any recommendations? I have specifically been pointed towards Dr Gunzberg and his how to rebuild honesty amongst other ones of his but they are quite pricey and I don't want to download them if they don't work? If anyone else is looking for downloaded items, I do have some which offer insisghts into what WS should be following an affair and other things I would be happy to share if anyone thinks they will help them. Thanks very much....x

4kidscheatinghub posted 4/8/2011 01:13 AM

About to sink my teeth into gunzburg so I'll let u know...good couple to start with is getting past the affair and the monogamy myth oh and my husbands affair was best thing that ever happened to me was GREAT!

aesir posted 4/8/2011 02:44 AM

I would suggest saving your money for now. If these books are meant for recovering after the affair, you can't really benefit from them while the affair is going on. It takes two, and only two, to R. If you are still trying to get him to go NC, then he is still in the A.

4kidscheatinghub posted 4/8/2011 09:25 AM

oh yea oops my H is totally in R mode and very programs like this do seem to be helping a tad.

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