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Jewelry: Pandora Bracelet

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Auctioneer posted 10/3/2012 13:14 PM

Pandora Bracelet

donated by Uncertainone

Sterling Silver Pandora Bracelet 8 charms 6.5 inches long

This item has not met reserve price.

Time Ticks On posted 10/3/2012 13:55 PM


demos posted 10/4/2012 12:07 PM

Would Uncertainone be able to give us a bit more detail on the piece. My fww has pointed out that the clasp is not Pandora :-( I was wondering if Uncertainone could verify that the charms are all authentic Pandora?


uncertainone posted 10/4/2012 13:08 PM

I believe Pandora didn't have logos on the starter chains until later. My ex bought it when they first came out. The charms are stamped on the side. The Hallmark crown stamp wasn't added until 2008 and these are older than that.

Maybe pics of the charms on their sides?

demos posted 10/4/2012 13:22 PM

If you wouldn't mind that would be great. But I don't want to put you thru lots of trouble.

uncertainone posted 10/4/2012 13:35 PM

I don't have the bracelet. SI does:)

Time Ticks On posted 10/4/2012 15:27 PM

If you click the picture it enlarges it. You can then see the logo on the sides of each charm.

Deeply Scared posted 10/4/2012 15:37 PM

Oh Bless you Feelthrown

BaxtersBFF posted 10/4/2012 16:17 PM

I also looked around and found the same clasp on other Pandora bracelets at various jewelers.

aesir posted 10/5/2012 16:54 PM

If you click the picture it enlarges it.
Cool feature, I did not know about this.

I think we should all be thankful that uncertainone does not have to do any more marketing for this item.

neverendinghurt posted 10/13/2012 11:55 AM

Pandora does carry this type of clasp bracelet in addition to the Pandora clasp bracelet.

There are a couple of charms on this bracelet that do not look familiar to me (I work for a jewelry store), but without seeing them more closely I can't be sure.

Five of the charms do appear to be genuine Pandora charms.

brkn_heartd posted 10/13/2012 21:15 PM


Deeply Scared posted 10/15/2012 11:13 AM

brkn_heartd has purchased this item

I'll send you a PM with specifics.

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