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Si WoW Guild (or other mmorpg)?

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KBeguile posted 3/23/2013 18:58 PM

Heart and I are both gamers, and while we are fine currently with Diablo 3, I can see that we will eventually run out of things to do.

We both have characters in WoW that we have invested considerable time and effort into, but the guild of which we were a part is tainted by the A, and we would need to find a new server/guild to join.

I'm interested to know if any of you can recommend a game that has good healing abilities (for Heart) and decent tanking abilities (for me) and a good SI guild?

aesir posted 3/24/2013 02:28 AM

Many years ago, there was talk of an SI guild. Negotiations broke down as most people wanted everyone to move to their server. Should we all pay for a transfer and leave our banking alts behind?

Then there was the issue of what type of server... PVP, PVE, RP?

Next came the faction as everyone had their racial preferences. Alliance, or Horde? Someone lightheartedly suggested perhaps the betrayed could play on one faction, while the waywards were on another, but the madhatters objected to that plan.

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KBeguile posted 3/24/2013 07:08 AM

I didn't realize it would be so political!

SI Staff posted 3/24/2013 09:35 AM


Fun and Games is an infidelity-free zone.

And we hope that anyone reading that knows it isn't something that actually happened.

Dark Inertia posted 3/24/2013 21:40 PM

Excuse my typos, on my Kindle... I find the best server to be RP servers. They tend to be more mature (in comparison) and it friendlier. Even on the notorious Moonguard I find people to be more helpful.

Last week I server transferred from Akama to Wyrmrest Accord. I am playing with the idea of rp'ing, but have not decided. Unfortunately I do not know anyone on my server except for the people in my guild... and the guild I am in is a "grinding" guild... there to help you as you level, but people usually leave to bigger better things.

The downside to RP servers is it is hard to find a guild. Because of the attitude most people have towards RP in general guilds are not as forthcoming. For WA, at least, there is an up to date site devoted to active guilds on the server... that being said quite a few require an application. WoW is serious business, lol!

I loved Akama, but with the cross servers the world Pvp is a little out of hand. It is not so bad as 90, but when you are a level 22 trying to kill spiders for a quest line in Darkshire and a hunter kills you not once, twice, but 5 TIMES! That is a little ridiculous.

I recently had a rogue camp me outside of Booty Bay. I jumped on my 90 lock and ran out to him, requested a duel. Of course he declined, said my cooldowns makes it a win for me. Whatever. Then he said how there was a hunter in the area he was camping (me) trying to make it sound like he was camping a 90... my hunter is level 33. But I digress....

Long story short since I am a bit burnt out on Pvp I transferred my low leveling lock to the RP server, and the stress has been lifted, lol.

Terra is suppose to be a good game as well, and of course Skyrim mmo is coming out. I wish there was an SI guild... I would so join.

Jrazz posted 3/24/2013 23:08 PM

Is this the right thread to ask if anyone wants to come to my town on Animal Crossing?

KBeguile posted 3/25/2013 07:12 AM

Animal Crossing counts!

WakingFromADream posted 3/25/2013 10:32 AM

I've stayed away from WOW because of the huge time sink it represents. That being said, I have been playing D3 and have a barb, a wizard, and a dh into the lower paragon levels and playing at MP2/3.

KBeguile posted 3/25/2013 16:07 PM

Heart's got a Wizard, I have a Barb... level 60/17-18, working on MP 3.

We should hook up!

HeartInADustpan posted 3/25/2013 20:55 PM

Ok, I know I can't be the only one that plays D3 and laughs every time I get to Diablo and see his "moobs." I mean, really? The prime evil....moobs.

Dark Inertia posted 3/26/2013 09:54 AM

I've stayed away from WOW because of the huge time sink it represents.

Yeah, I had to cut back quite a bit. I actually ended up quitting for a while since it was taking up so much of my life. Thank God the novelty has worn off, now it's just one of those things I do. But quitting and restarting has been a pattern of mine for a while.

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