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verizon...tale of two tales

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sullymeishadomi posted 3/25/2013 18:51 PM

Last month my bills almost sent me into cardiac arrest. Wow! I paid as much as I could. I was short $36 on my wireless payment. They cut me off for $35.

I spoke to an agent. My bill that is now due (in addition to $35) is out and I have to pay half to be reinstored. Shit shit shit.

Thinking I could call the bank to transfer money from wh account (look at my ot post from yesterday re family obligations...he did end up offering to help ), I could temporarily use the dish money and transfer wh money into my account.

As I call in again, the automated system again said I could pay $35. Screw it. Ill pay the $35 and see if it works.

Hah! Phone on in five minutes.

Jerk dude service agent. For once I like the automated system.

Mama_of_3_Kids posted 3/25/2013 21:38 PM

That's really surprising because Verizon has always been VERY willing to help us, even if the bill was overlooked by a certain someone and the phones were disconnected. We told them what we could pay and when, and they were fine with it. I know part of it is b/c I've been with Verizon for almost 14 years, but I would hope they would treat all of their customers with similar treatment.

aesir posted 3/25/2013 23:43 PM

It's a call center training issue more than anything else. Some people think they are going to save the company over a couple of dollars.

I had to deal with one idiot at Virgin Mobile over a $1 late fee that applied to my account for not paying them for a phone I cancelled but they continued to charge my credit card over. This was not resolved until after an hour and a half on the phone with this idiot I threatened to name everyone involved including Richard Branson in a suit for credit card fraud. His supervisor called back 10 minutes in to the "within 48 hours" window and it was resolved.

Suffice it to say I will never spend another nickel on any Virgin products, or anything else Richard Branson is involved in. Over $1

sullymeishadomi posted 3/26/2013 05:25 AM

Ive been with verizon for ten years. Once a year, something funky happens. I should point out wireless not residential. The residential are horrendous. Dont get me started on them.

The customer service is why I have stayed with Verizon.

The day before I had this nice gentleman help me lower my bill by changing my plan in a way that wont get me in a bind (gave up unlimited internet for whatever bites...we use 4). Then he spent time with me going over perks on this one phone (samsung...not gallexy...its almost like a pad).

The guy yesterday was weird. As I was trying to figure things out while on the phone I mumbled "shit shit shit". Not in an angry way, but trying to think how I could pay to get my phone turned on. The fool got pissy. You thought I would have said "fuck you asshole" to him and he ended the call. I think he woke up in a bad mood and needed a soy latte or something.

Honestly...a bit more to the story. When I got the automated it asked me the three numbers on the back of the card even tho my card is on file. When it was all done, the card went through but my phone couldnt be turned on. So I requested a real person. She was sweet. She said, this had just happened to someone else, dont worry. The phone will be back on in 5 mins. Never I needed to pay 1/2 the new bill that just came out (I will pay the bill thurs afternoon).

Like I said, it was just that guy. My experience has been, get one you dont like, hang up and try again. In my situation, the automated lady was more understanding, lol.

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