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Lunch date out of the blue...

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wincings_sparkle posted 6/4/2013 21:29 PM

Wal messaged me at work today and invited me to lunch. It was with his co-workers.

Normally, before, I would have said, "No Thank you" due to the "ack, people I don't know" factor. I would have felt awkward, out of place, unable to be around his friends in that kind of intimate setting.

I would have thought, "He doesn't really want me to go. He's just being nice." or Worse, "He's setting me up to be ignored, hurt, belittled."

Instead, today I asked my boss if I could leave for lunch (Not a normal occurrence as I'm the only nurse on site.) My boss, (awesome lady) told me to make sure I was reachable in case of an emergency and have fun.

I admit that I was a little nervous. I was going though. I was going to lunch to be with my husband.

I don't know if he knew I was nervous. He was wonderful. He Included me in conversation, Held my hand, touched my knee, put his arm around me. Just touching me, even if he wasn't talking to me helped more than he could know. He was solicitous of the time constraint that I was under to return to work... He was just everything that he always is. A very wonderful, thoughtful, witty and engaging individual.

I watched him interact with his co-workers and I watched the care they all share for one another and it warmed my heart. They appreciate him and know how awesome he is. I'm thankful that he has them.

They are the same people that helped Wal as he went through hell after D-day. I didn't ever think that I would sit down to lunch with them and talk about "The Big Bang Theory".

It just amazes me the gifts that God has blessed our family with and I am thankful to God for each and every one of them.

We have come so very far.
Thank you Wal for Lunch today.

Aubrie posted 6/4/2013 21:42 PM

Love this.

You've worked so hard. It warms my heart to read what can happen when two people kick butt together.

stilllovingher posted 6/4/2013 21:42 PM

He is awesome, isn't he?

you two sound like you are doing so well these days! I'm very happy for both of you. Its inspiring.

I know I haven't spoken much to you directly, but its been plenty via WAL. And I'm hijacking your wonderful post here to say thank you, directly.

And congrats on trampling your fears @ lunch!

wincings_sparkle posted 6/4/2013 22:33 PM

Thank you Aubrie.

T/J Stilllovingher: I appreciate your thank you.

Credit goes to God. He led me to the right people to help me and then led me into a place where He could use all that I have been through to help others in a meaningful way. Faith then Repentance to Grace and Restitution through Service.
It is worth all of the work to see the results in the end.

Just saw this:

Is Marriage listed in the DSM yet?
I'm so going to ask Doc.

nuance posted 6/4/2013 22:45 PM

WAL is awesome :) I'm happy for you guys.

SandAway posted 6/5/2013 05:07 AM

What a wonderful post.

WAL is an amazing man and respected by so many here on SI, its great to know that he is the same in real life.

authenticnow posted 6/5/2013 05:40 AM

Good for you for stepping out of your routine/comfort zone and away from your usual response and going for it.

I'm glad you had a nice lunch .

numb&dumb posted 6/5/2013 08:37 AM

This is awesome. It made me smile this AM.

I agree, your H is a great guy. He has helped a lot of guys (myself included) through difficult issues.

MissesJai posted 6/5/2013 10:02 AM

yay! Love this. WAL is pretty awesome and you deserve this, wincings. You've worked so hard. Congrats to you both.

WalkinOnEggshelz posted 6/5/2013 17:04 PM

I love those times when you can step outside of your comfort zone and have such positive results!

The two of you have certainly worked hard to get to where you are and have been an inspiration for many many couples. You deserve a lovely time out together.


Darkness Falls posted 6/5/2013 20:34 PM

Nice post to read. I'm glad you two had a nice lunch.

aesir posted 6/6/2013 03:53 AM

Just reading this, and everyone saying great things about wal, I just have to remind you that marriage is a team sport, and don't forget to take some credit for yourself as well.

aesir posted 6/6/2013 03:53 AM

Just reading this, and everyone saying great things about wal, I just have to remind you that marriage is a team sport, and don't forget to take some credit for yourself as well.

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