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My cat's missing

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JanaGreen posted 6/10/2013 14:05 PM

So apparently my poor cat, who has vision problems and has to take blood pressure medicine every day, got outside at some point yesterday and is nowhere to be seen. I was in bed last night and realized I hadn't seen her for a while - usually not a big deal - she's old, she's a cat, she finds a quiet spot and naps a lot. I called her and she didn't come, then my H and I looked everywhere in the house, then walked up and down the street. No kitty.

I went home at lunch and looked for her, but couldn't find her. I put up a sign. My H had a commitment this morning but he's out knocking on doors now. One of our neighbors saw her yesterday heading toward another neighborhood so he's headed over there to see.

I'm sick with worry. I've had her since I was 21 (I'm 33 now). My daughter calls this cat Sissy-boo and ADORES her. We're moving on FRIDAY and I have reassured my daughter over and over that Mommy and Daddy will be in the new apartment, along with the kitty and all her things. Moving's going to be traumatic enough on her without losing her kitty friend too. Poor kitty, poor baby green.

cass posted 6/10/2013 14:22 PM

Jana, so sorry to hear this. I do hope she comes back (as they usually do) but if not keep looking and knocking doors. Someone will have spotted her. Unless she was very sick she has strayed and hasn't gone off somewhere to die, as one of mine did but then she was very old (18) and quite sick.

Big hugs to you and Baby Green. Please keep us posted.

jo2love posted 6/10/2013 14:25 PM

(((Green family)))

I'm so sorry. I hope kitty comes home soon or someone finds her. Sending kitty mojo. Please keep us updated.

JanaGreen posted 6/10/2013 14:33 PM

She didn't seem like she was going off to die. She was very happy yesterday. I think she got out when my nephew's dad came to pick him up - he was going in and out carrying his stuff out to the car, I think she got out then (around 3:00). I know she was there before because his dad commented on her and how we've had her for so long and how she's such a good cat.

My H talked to another neighbor who saw her, so apparently she was just wandering around having a little adventure. Gahhhh. Flyers in mailboxes after work.

nowiknow23 posted 6/10/2013 15:04 PM

((((Sissy-boo)))) I hope she returns SOON.

metamorphisis posted 6/10/2013 15:57 PM

Sending kitty finding mojo

ETA) and people do pay attention to those signs. There's one on my community mailbox and I've been watching for a week!

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Waiting4Daylite posted 6/10/2013 16:07 PM

Count me in on the find kitty mojo. BTDT so I'm sending extra-strength mojo your way. (((JanaGreen)))

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notmeanymore posted 6/10/2013 16:17 PM

I had a similar situation (with the impending move and everythign) and found her chilling out at a neighbors apartment.

But kitty finding mojo coming your way

JanaGreen posted 6/10/2013 17:18 PM

She is home! My H had called one of our neighbors, who spotted her under a bush in his backyard. She is on my lap right now purring. Seems happy to be home!

Waiting4Daylite posted 6/10/2013 17:24 PM

Oh thank goodness! Maybe she just needed some fresh air.

Or she is aware of the move and she was just wanted to remember where she was from.

My cats always sensed a move and would act weird, sometimes pissed off. Animals are more in-tuned to things than we give them credit for.

metamorphisis posted 6/10/2013 17:57 PM

Yaaaaayyyyyyy!!!! I am so happy to hear that! After your snuggle lock her in the bathroom .

Do you think she's acting weird because you are moving? I hear so many people say that their cats escape on moving day. I know my cats act bizarre when we pull out the suitcases for vacation, and they always go missing when it's time to leave .
I wonder if she is seeing all the boxes and knows something is amiss.

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nowiknow23 posted 6/10/2013 18:00 PM

YAY!!!!!! So relieved for you. Give her an extra SI kitty snuggle for us.

willow60 posted 6/10/2013 18:37 PM

Glad to hear kitty made it home.

girlsbird posted 6/10/2013 19:30 PM

So very happy she is home!

h0peless posted 6/10/2013 19:31 PM

Awesome news!

FaithFool posted 6/10/2013 19:33 PM

Yayy, so glad you found her.

Put butter on her paws and put her in a quiet room when you get to the new place.

jo2love posted 6/10/2013 20:25 PM


JustDone posted 6/10/2013 22:18 PM

aesir posted 6/10/2013 23:11 PM

Been afraid to open this thread all day. So glad she's back home, especially with the upcoming move.

JanaGreen posted 6/10/2013 23:43 PM

JustDone, I love that!

Butter on her paws? So she will lick them and be happy? I have never heard of that.

I am almost positive she is very nearly blind. I think all the boxes and suitcases are confusing to her because she cannot see them and bumps into them. She gets around surprisingly well normally; we didn't really understand how bad her vision has gotten until recently.

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