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I look at women differently now..

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sunflowergirl30 posted 7/9/2013 07:59 AM

I dont care if they are nice, single, married, old or young. I do not trust their kindness or smiles. The more friendly they are the more uncomfortable I feel. Maybe its because mow was so NICE. She smiled in my face, in my daughters faces and secretly wanted my stupid wh. I was never bothered by her flirting or her unprofessionalism. It perplexed me and I felt bad for her...jokes on me! I never in a million years thought my wh would cheat and not with HER! It still trusting and naive i had been how they both used it against me. Most of all how wh blatantly carried on his activities with mow and I just couldn't believe he would be that kind of guy. I don't think I will ever feel its him and I...mow Haunts me...for the simple fact she could fuck my wh. that he would risk me, us & everything over her over someone he now says he realized he didnt even like as a person. over someone he would never date in real life. over someone he says he would never marry. she was just someone to fill a hole and mess around tell myself what wh & mow had wasn't anything I would want or accept....but it still hurts, being sold out like that for bullshit ego strokes and quickies in the backseat of an suv. For several months wh shared my bed and was fucking another woman. He looked me in my face, kissed me and held me and put me through the biggest most screwed up mind fuck. I Don't think that will ever leave my thoughts. I think about it daily. Edit for spelling and to add a few more jumbled thoughts.

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aesir posted 7/9/2013 08:10 AM

I am reminded of what one member here said a long time ago about her AP and how she never really liked nor respected him. She said that when you are married and decide to have an affair, you are kinda limited in your options and have to settle for a defective person.

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