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removed from possition good critique

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sullymeishadomi posted 8/21/2013 19:45 PM

Ive been playing boss since late june.

We had the battle of the hatfields and mccoys.

The mccoys left town, so to speak.

One person retired.

One person went away for 3 wks, returned then another person is away for 3 wks.

I was down 3 people which is a big deal.

I had a new guy who I dont feel was properly trained. There was no time.

Yesterday I found out for sure I was going back to my original job. Once I found out my body relaxed and I felt the exaughstion.

I also heard several stories why I was being removed.

I wanted a critique. What did I do wrong etc. I need to know so I can learn.

I popped an email off to mr big yesterday. I thanked him for the opportunity and asked him to critique me.

Mr big suprised me with a call after closing.

The truth was what my boss said: he needed more experience in tbe office. He said he liked my dedication (suck that wh!). He saw I tried hard. The only corrections were to get my hands dirty less and delegate more. Oh, and leave the humor out of company wide emails.

He said he would like to use me again if id like. Oh, of course I would like (suck that wh, lol).

Good day.

Im happy.

Amazonia posted 8/21/2013 20:20 PM

Can he get you transfered out of Jersey?

gma56 posted 8/21/2013 21:13 PM

I was thinking same line as Ama. Good experience for the resume. You're on the right path Sully !

sullymeishadomi posted 8/22/2013 18:54 PM

Maybe eventually I can get transfered. Right now im trying to earn my stripes.

aesir posted 8/22/2013 19:21 PM

The most important thing for you to take away from this is the knowledge that while your WH is sucking, you don't.

Cally60 posted 8/22/2013 23:36 PM

Sounds promising, Sullymeishadomi. Both for your career and for your future. I'm so glad. Hope you get those stripes soon.

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