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A Laundry Poll...

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jrc1963 posted 9/1/2013 18:11 PM

After the clothes are dry you...

A) Take them out immediately and fold/hang and put away

B) Take them out but leave in the basket

C) Leave them in the dryer for days and days then run the dryer again and take them out fold/hang and put away

D) Wear them straight from the dryer

E) What's a dryer?

Lionne posted 9/1/2013 18:23 PM

A, if I remember. If not, C.

Unagie posted 9/1/2013 18:34 PM

Take them out the dryer and stuff them in my laundry bags as I trek home from the laundromat. I may or may not fold them after...

jrc1963 posted 9/1/2013 18:38 PM

Follow up question:

If you don't fold right away, do you iron or wear wrinkled?

kernel posted 9/1/2013 18:47 PM

A, then C if I forget them. It usually isn't days and days, but could be as long as two days.

HFSSC posted 9/1/2013 18:47 PM

Where's the option for:

Leave the clothes in the dryer. Run it again and take out the one item I need. Plan to go back later. Forget. Run the dryer again, take out another item. Plan to go back later. Lather, rinse, repeat until all clothes are dirty

Also, true story: A couple of years ago, I had a blouse that had to be ironed. And I had to wear it every Sunday evening for the summer. (Part of the "uniform" for a singing group I was in)

I was ironing it for the first time, and my younger son walked in, gaped at me and said, "Mom! You are IRONING!!!!!" Like I was creating fire from my bare fingers or something really impressive like that.

Yeah, they don't see me iron much.

Too_Trusting posted 9/1/2013 18:55 PM

I'm mostly in the B camp. I can get them folded, but that basket refuses to go to my bedroom and put the darn things away.

inconnu posted 9/1/2013 19:04 PM

A B C and D, although most of the time the clothes make it out of the dryer, after I've grabbed whatever it is I'm wearing that day. Then it ends up in a pile on my bed until I get home from work. That's when it ends up in a laundry basket.

Bobbi_sue posted 9/1/2013 19:16 PM

A: Once in awhile
B: Sometimes
C: Often, but usually don't run the dryer again. My jeans and tshirts, undies and sheets don't usually need ironing even when I do this. I do fold them and put them away.
D: Sometimes
E: This is the only one that does not apply. I do use my dryer.

GabyBaby posted 9/1/2013 19:17 PM

Usually C, but they don't stay in the dryer for days, nor do I run the dryer again.
I just take them out of the dryer the next day, then put them away.
I generally iron as I wear anyway, since my closet is stuffed and not much comes out without some wrinkle in a weird place.

nowiknow23 posted 9/1/2013 19:17 PM

F) A-D, given that the basket of clean clothes will sometimes sit on the "other" side of the bed until it has been mostly emptied by daily clothing needs. At the point where fewer than 4 hangers are needed, the clothes get hung.

(ps: Iron? Isn't that a nutritional supplement?)

Unagie posted 9/1/2013 19:20 PM

I'm so envious of all of you with washers and dryers in your homes!!!! I leave mine in the bag and iron as needed.

jrc1963 posted 9/1/2013 19:25 PM

I have taken to ironing my denim shorts... mostly just the hem because for some dumb reason they flip up, which I hate.

I also iron the bottoms of FWSO's t-shirts for the same reason...

I hate hems.

aesir posted 9/1/2013 20:52 PM


Oh yeah... I don't buy clothes that require folding and ironing. Mostly I live out of a set of laundry baskets. Take it out of one, put it in another, wash when one is full or the other is empty.

Clarrissa posted 9/1/2013 22:22 PM

For me it's A, B and D, depending. This week it's B and D. All my laundry is/was in the basket except for my jeans which are in the dryer. I swear we both have dressers, it's just none of the clean laundry made it into them.

As for ironing, don't even own one. Nothing we wear regularly requires it or even needs it. Anything that does we don't wear often enough and they're hanging up long enough for the wrinkles to "fall" out.

[This message edited by Clarrissa at 10:22 PM, September 1st (Sunday)]

unfound posted 9/2/2013 17:55 PM

Between the whole fam damily:

Me, A.

Anyone who's known me for more than 24 hours knows I loath laundry. That said, when I do laundry, I DO laundry. It's more on general purpose to finish it, because I hate it so much.

Unfoundling boy #1, B.

He's great about helping out with his laundry every week, but it never makes it past the basket. I guess wrinkles are "in" now.

Unfoundling boy #2, C

He'll toss in clothes that fall between laundry days, but leave them in the dryer. If he wants something, he fluffs. Chances are, there is usually a dryer full of his clothes at any given time.

Unfoundling boy #2, D

See above

Ironing?? Now that's just crazy talk. Mr Unfound takes care of the infrequent ironing that needs to be done. He's really good at it.

musiclovingmom posted 9/2/2013 17:59 PM

B. Though sometimes I do fold them and then they sit in the living room for days waiting to be put away.
I almost never iron anything. I ironed all my dad's work clothes growing up and have seen enough starch and sharp creases to last me a lifetime.

looking forward posted 9/2/2013 19:25 PM


If I had a clothesline, I would love to hang my laundry to dry. Then A again.

metamorphisis posted 9/2/2013 21:08 PM

All of the above.
Laundry is the first thing to get out of hand when I am crazy busy. If I have the time and the energy it is folded right out of the dryer, and put away nicely. As things get busier, it's in the basket for awhile. And when it's nuts around here with practices, exams, appointments, work etc.. get your damn shirt out of the dryer or off the laundry table where I dumped it to dry the next load and leave me alone.

Nature_Girl posted 9/2/2013 22:50 PM

Depending on how life is going, my answer could be A, B, C or D.

ETA: I agree with the others, there needs to be an option for putting your clothes on the bed & wearing them from that location. ALSO, draping clothes over the ironing board because you intend to iron them, even though you never actually do. That should be an option, too.

[This message edited by Nature_Girl at 10:52 PM, September 2nd (Monday)]

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