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Massacred Mozart -- with Lol cats

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aesir posted 9/8/2013 04:49 AM

OMG this is too funny. Aside from the lol cats, watch for the album title graphic... Murder On The High C's.

It is worth the headache the singing will cause, though you may want to put the volume low if you live in an apartment.

The world's most inept opera singer frightens felines with her rendition of Mozart's aria Queen of Night (Florence Foster Jenkins (1868--November 26, 1944) was an American soprano who became famous for her complete lack of rhythm, pitch, tone, and overall singing ability.

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aesir posted 9/8/2013 05:20 AM

And another video that came up from this...

Beginning of "Also sprach Zarathustra" by Richard Strauss, performed by the Portsmouth Sinfonia.

"This was recorded by the Portsmouth Sinfonia in an experiment where all the members of the orchestra would swap instruments with each other and attempt to play them to the best of their ability."

The real story is in the comments however...

Maryloohoo2 7 months ago
The Elephants need reinforcements

silverhopes posted 9/8/2013 06:23 AM

Poor tone def kittehs. Grumpy Cat smiles at their pain.

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