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Frequently Asked Questions

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Also please see the BS FAQ, WS FAQ and the FAQ: From the Betrayed Spouse for the Former Wayward Spouse.

  1. How do you post a picture/bold/italics?
  2. Why canít I stay logged in?
  3. How Do I Enable Cookies When I can't Post?
  4. How Do I Activate My Account?
  5. How to find your most recent or someone else's most recent posts?
  6. How do I change my username?
  7. How do I change my password?
  8. What if I forgot my Password?
  9. How Do I Send Private Messages?
  10. How do I donate?
  11. How did SI get started?
  12. What do Guides, Moderators, and Administrators do?
  13. What are Skins?

  1. Q:

    How do you post a picture / bold / italics?


    Use the following code samples:
    BOLD: surround the text you want in bold with [bold] and [/bold]
    Example: I want [bold]this text[/bold] to be bold.   Result: I want this text to be bold.
    ITALIC: follow the same instructions above, but using [italic] [/italic]
    PICTURES: In order to display an image within your post, the image must be hosted on a web server. There are several free hosting services for your images. Here are acouple that you can use: picturaltrail.com Ė photobucket.com
    Once you have your image uploaded or you have found a picture on the internet you want to embed in your post, you can then post your image by right-clicking on your image and selecting "Properties", copying that Address (URL) and then pasting it with the [img] at the beginning and [/img] at the end of the URL tags.
    Example: [img]http://www.survivinginfidelity.com/images/little_dancing_guy.gif[/img]

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  3. Q:

    Why canít I stay logged in?


    Make sure your Cookies are enabled. Also make sure the Date and Time stamp are set correctly, you can do this by clicking on the time on the right-hand side of your task bar. Double-click on the clock to make sure the date is set to today's date and your time zone is set correctly.

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  5. Q:

    How Do I Enable Cookies When I can't Post?


    For Internet Explorer, go to Tools, select Internet Options, click on Privacy, click on Advanced and check Third-Party Cookies.

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  7. Q:

    How Do I Activate My Account?


    You are sent an automated email once your registration has been approved. Activate your account by clicking on the activation link in the automated email notification.

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  9. Q:

    How to find your most recent or someone else's most recent posts?


    You can go into their Profile and click on the View Recent Posts link. This will pull up that members 50 most recent posts.

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  11. Q:

    How do I change my username?


    You can change your username by upgrading to platinum access. Once you have upgraded to platinum you will see two name change options:

    Option #1: Simple Name Change
    This option will replace your username in your profile and any existing topics and posts. Your old username will remain visible for members when viewing your profile or searching for your username. (e.g., Username (previously OldUsername))

    Option #2: Incognito Name Change
    This option will lock your current profile and create a brand new profile with your existing email address, password, member level and post count. Your existing post history will not be associated with your new profile. You will have the option of transferring your private messages to your new profile. All journal entries you may have will be set to private by default.

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  13. Q:

    How do I change my password?


    You can change your password in your Profile. Go into the Password field and make your changes, once that's done, click on the Update Profile link at the bottom of the page.

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  15. Q:

    What if I forgot my Password?


    If you forget your password, go to the Login area and click on the 'Forgot Password' link. This will bring up a page where you should enter your registered Username and an email will be sent to you containing a link to reset your password. This is only successful if you're using the original email address you signed up with when you first registered.

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  17. Q:

    How Do I Send Private Messages?


    Private messages work a little like email, but are limited to registered members of this forum. You may send a private message to a member of this site by clicking on the "Send A Private Message" link in the members Profile or by clicking on the two Smiley faces on the members upper right corner of their name.

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  19. Q:

    How do I donate?


    can donate by clicking on the donations link to the left of your screen. All donations are tax deductible. If using a credit card through PayPal, your statement will show "SI".

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  21. Q:

    How did SI get started?


    MangledHeart and Deeply Scared used to belong to another on-line community, we received tremendous support and help during a very dark time for us. I became a Moderator as well for over a year there. The owner of the site felt it would be in his best interest to make it a pay site. I tried to explain to him that most of the members could barely afford their mortgage payments, let alone pay to belong to a message board. The owner did not listen. MH, being a Web Developer, felt we could build a better on-line community and it would be our way giving back to those that came to our rescue in our time of need.

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  23. Q:

    What do Guides, Moderators, and Administrators do?


    Guides welcome new members and help answer questions on the forums. They also watch for guideline violations and report them to the moderators.

    Moderators enforce the guidelines and collaborate on day to day operations. They also monitor and reply to SI Staff private messages.

    Administrators and the webmaster read/reply to emails and approve/deny member registrations. They also make modifications to the guidelines and forum descriptions as necessary with the input of moderators. Administrators have access to special features that allow them to conduct additional tasks.

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  25. Q:

    What are Skins?


    Skins help disguise the appearance of SI. There is a drop down box at the Login area, you can choose from several different Skins in there.

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