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Signs of Cheating

submitted by Members of, Compiled by MsLonely

This is a list compiled by the members of Surviving Infidelity of some of the signs that a significant other may be cheating.

  • Secretive phone calls
  • Unreachable by phone
  • Unexplained numbers on phone bill
  • If you call their cell phone and get the call waiting beep...they say they weren't using the phone.
  • Never leaves the house without their cell phone/pager
  • Hang up calls or someone always saying they've got the wrong number when you answer
  • Hiding cell phone or pager
  • Strange numbers on pager (could be codes)
  • Hiding cell phone/home phone bills/credit card statements
  • Phone bills changed from detailed to normal
  • Acting different( short tempered, distant, defensive, etc.)
  • Neglecting chores at home
  • Picking fights over trivial things in order to get you to leave the house, or so they can leave the house
  • Accusing YOU of cheating
  • Withdrawing from you/family/friends
  • Pointing out YOUR flaws
  • Telling you that you'll talk about your relationship concerns when it's more "convenient"
  • Little input into future plans with you
  • Telling you your concerns about the relationship are "all in your head"
  • Avoid any conversation with you other than basics ( "when's dinner", etc.)
  • The " I love you, but I’m not IN love with you " talk
  • New interest in exercise/diet
  • More time at the gym
  • Sleeping ALOT
  • New cologne/perfume
  • New wardrobe
  • Suddenly carrying breath fresheners( gum, mints, etc.) with them constantly
  • New password protection on computer
  • Secret e-mail accounts
  • Up on computer to all hours
  • Closing dialogue windows on the computer when you walk into the room
  • Erasing computer history after every use
  • Unexplained purchases on credit card
  • ATM withdrawals at unusual locations
  • Extra mileage on the car
  • Errands that should take 1/2 hour take much longer
  • Claims to do things they've never done before ( shop, etc.)
  • Buying expensive flowers or gifts for no reason ( if they've not done that before)
  • Getting a detailed daily itinerary from you so you won't cross paths
  • Leaves early for work or comes home late more
  • Claims to work overtime, yet no overtime on checks
  • Mentioning a "friend" but never introducing you
  • Too many visits to "friends"
  • The he's/she's just a friend story
  • Lying about where they've been or whom they are with
  • Coming home late saying they " just lost track of time"
  • Regular friends to both of you acting weird or embarrassed around you
  • Offers to go to the store when they usually wouldn't
  • Sends you to the store when they could easily go themselves
  • Unknown cigarette butts in ashtrays
  • Passenger seat position changes
  • Changes in sexual behavior with you (may be more or less frequency) or different techniques
  • Hiding Viagra
  • Hiding condoms
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