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Auctioneer posted 3/17/2010 11:43 AM

Thank you so much for all the donations... after nearly two years, we are finally ready to move forward with the official SI Auction We apologize for the delay, however life’s many obstacles were thrown our way.

In the coming days, we will be adding more items, so please keep checking back here for updates.

Payment for items can be made either via PayPal or check/money orders. Our address is:
395 Sawdust RD., #2164
The Woodlands, Texas 77380-2299

Once payment has been received we will then ship your item to whatever address you provide. The shipping and address information will be part of the private exchange between the member and MH or DS.

  • Each item donated will have its own thread with a description, picture and name of the donor.

  • If members would prefer to bid anonymously, please PM the auctioneer and your bid will be anonymously added to the appropriate thread.

  • The winning bidder will assume the shipping costs and we will ship all items UPS ground unless otherwise specified by the winning bidder. UPS ground automatically insures every package up to $100.00. If you require additional insurance for shipping purposes, please advise us at the time of purchase and we will include that additional cost in the total shipping charges.

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wifehad5 posted 7/4/2010 17:13 PM

How long does the bidding last?

Deeply Scared posted 7/4/2010 19:22 PM

We will treat each item individually. Once an item no longer (maybe 2 days) has activity, we'll shut down that auction thread and the item will go to the highest bidder.

Also, we are respectfully asking that no one use any of these threads to joke/banter on. They must remain dedicated to the auction only.

Going To Make It posted 7/4/2010 20:20 PM

How do we donate items for auction?

Deeply Scared posted 7/4/2010 20:22 PM

You can send items to our donation box
395 Sawdust RD., #2164
The Woodlands, Texas 77380-2299

Also, please make sure to enclose your username, a valued amount and description and whether you would like to have us publicly acknowledge your donation with your username attached.

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Edie posted 7/5/2010 07:08 AM

I am going to go search my attic, DS,(because there are some treasures up there) but would I be right in thinking there are so few UK members for it to be not worthwhile for you, if I find anything?

ETA: This might seem a MAD suggestion - and I underline is NOT made as a joke - but it seems to me that so many of us have discarded our wedding rings, there MUST be something we can do with them - donate them to a special SI wedding ring repository? For melting/ selling? Set up a ring exchange as an international bonding exercise between survivors of infidelity?

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Nurse73 posted 7/5/2010 08:25 AM

Just an idea, but maybe you should list whether an item is new or used.

Some stuff may be obvious (like a gift basket), while others (like a purse) may not.

Deeply Scared posted 7/5/2010 09:08 AM


That is a good idea...I've updated the descriptions to indicate "New" or "used".

As for the art work, I'm going to assume it wasn't taken of someone's wall and sent to us

Deeply Scared posted 7/5/2010 09:14 AM


If you want to donate something that would be wonderful! This is not exclusive to the US

As for the wedding ring idea...if people want to donate them, we'll leave that up to them

willowiris posted 7/5/2010 09:48 AM

That is a good idea...I've updated the descriptions to indicate "New" or "used".

It's not "used." It's "vintage" or "retro" or "neoclassical."

Oh sorry...i wasn't supposed to joke here, but I'm just sayin'.

CookiesAZ posted 7/5/2010 14:43 PM

WOW!! This an awesome idea. (getting credit card ready)

Rise_Above posted 7/5/2010 16:08 PM

When an anonymous bid is placed, will the thread be updated with the current bidding amount?

Deeply Scared posted 7/5/2010 18:26 PM



lieshurt posted 7/5/2010 18:39 PM

If I win something, can I pick it up instead of having it shipped. I'll spring for lunch or dinner if I can

Deeply Scared posted 7/5/2010 19:15 PM


TXMommy posted 7/6/2010 16:52 PM

I make boutique clothing and bows for little girls... just wondering if there would be any interest in them here? I'd love to donate if there is!

wifehad5 posted 7/6/2010 21:03 PM

When the reserve price is met, will there be a notification?

Deeply Scared posted 7/6/2010 21:13 PM


We would certainly welcome any goods you would like to donate...we have lots of parents on the site


We will make sure to update once the reserve price is met

Defiance posted 7/6/2010 21:22 PM

DS, I would be happy to donate another framed print at 11x14 of ANY print I have. (could link to my site for selection).


Deeply Scared posted 7/7/2010 06:58 AM

That would be great! Your photo's are very popular!! But please do not link to your site, that would violate that guidelines.

Thank you so much!!

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