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Mama_of_3_Kids posted 10/5/2011 11:01 AM

AGH! This reminds me...I need to get my SI (purple, blue, white and pink) tutu made to donate

Deeply Scared posted 10/5/2011 16:11 PM

A tutu? Made by you? YAY!!!!

Mama_of_3_Kids posted 10/6/2011 15:58 PM

I am planning on going to the craft store at the beginning of next week. It shouldn't take too long after I get it started

cdnmommy posted 10/9/2011 15:44 PM


I just saw the response to my question. :) My item is ready to go but I went to mail it today and the post office is closed today and tomorrow for Canadian thanksgiving. I will pop it in on Tuesday!

Jen posted 10/13/2011 21:00 PM

I know it is taking me forever ... sorry ...

I have the box for shipping tho ... and I will sort thru and mail off next week ... Friday prolly ...

Jen posted 10/24/2011 19:47 PM

my contribution is on it's way to you .... I will send you a PM with the details as I forgot to include that .....

nowiknow23 posted 11/22/2011 11:03 AM

DS - I was looking for a mailing box to send my Christmas cards in, and I found the baby quilt I thought I had already shipped to you for the auction. Oops.

Would it be ok to combine the two things (cards and auction item) in one box?


Deeply Scared posted 12/10/2011 22:16 PM


Your quilt came with your Christmas's soooo cute!!!

Thank you very much...I know it will be a great item to add to the auction

Which now will have to take place after the 1st of the year since we're just so darn busy with the holidays.

Thank you again!!!

cdnmommy posted 12/12/2011 13:12 PM

DS, did my item come? I got the delivery notice, but wasn't sure that meant it was just dropped off or that you actually took possession of it.

Jen posted 12/13/2011 12:49 PM

Did they come ???

Clarrissa posted 2/18/2012 12:50 PM

Just wondering if the start date for the next auction has been decided.

CPinUtah posted 8/14/2012 00:48 AM

I make Anglican Rosaries and prayer beads. If you think there would be any interest, I would be happy to donate a couple for auction.

[This message edited by Deeply Scared at 6:21 AM, August 14th (Tuesday)]

Deeply Scared posted 8/14/2012 06:24 AM


That would be great!!

I've finished catagorizing, photographing and writing up descriptions for each item so MH can begin his programming side of things.

I'm hoping we should have the next auction in place within the next 6 weeks

Amazonia posted 8/17/2012 10:38 AM

I'm hoping we should have the next auction in place within the next 6 weeks

How exciting!

MistyMemories posted 8/26/2012 10:44 AM

How does the auction work??

Will items be posted in this forum? Silent bids??

Obviously I am a Newbie.

Edit!!! Duh...didn't go far enough down the forum list. I see it now.

[This message edited by MistyMemories at 10:52 AM, August 26th (Sunday)]

Clarrissa posted 8/26/2012 20:42 PM

DS, are you still recommending a bidding war on my items? I seem to remember you suggesting it after bb called dibs on one.

Oh and I do hope you're enjoying (and using) the one I made for you and MH.

JanetS posted 10/5/2012 19:18 PM

I bid on the Kindle. How does this auction work? After a few days of inactivity the highest bidder wins???

Deeply Scared posted 10/5/2012 19:22 PM

After 3 days of inactivity, that item will be awarded to the last bidder

Amazonia posted 10/5/2012 20:09 PM

does banter (no bid, ex: Aesir's comment on the pandora bracelet thread) count as activity?

ETA: If so, I'll specifically refrain from commenting on stuff unnecessarily so as not to delay the excitement of winning an auction for anyone.

[This message edited by Amazonia at 8:10 PM, October 5th (Friday)]

Deeply Scared posted 10/5/2012 20:49 PM

Only actual bidding counts.

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