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Codependency in the Marriage: A BSís common mistake

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lordhasaplan? posted 11/16/2013 20:03 PM


littlemrsV0813 posted 11/16/2013 20:20 PM

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crazynot posted 11/17/2013 03:22 AM

It's great that you've got to the point of realising this. Now you need to work on getting respect and love from him, and making those dealbreakers dealbreakers!

lordhasaplan? posted 12/17/2013 09:42 AM

7yrsflushed posted 12/18/2013 14:35 PM


lordhasaplan? posted 1/7/2014 14:26 PM


lordhasaplan? posted 1/7/2014 14:26 PM


Blobette posted 1/29/2014 12:58 PM

Bumping for flayed

lordhasaplan? posted 3/10/2014 08:14 AM


lordhasaplan? posted 4/4/2014 08:13 AM

thisissogross posted 4/6/2014 00:29 AM

tushnurse posted 4/9/2014 08:31 AM

lordhasaplan? posted 5/1/2014 12:42 PM

lordhasaplan? posted 5/30/2014 10:42 AM

Merida posted 7/4/2014 00:53 AM

OK re-reading this as I kick myself in the butt for getting more wrapped up in WH's business than my own


right = I can only control me

not God's business
not other people's business

totalheartbreak posted 7/4/2014 02:18 AM

Bump for m'self.

12yearsloyal posted 7/4/2014 06:57 AM

Yes, I see myself in here a bit. Great post, first time I saw this one. My tendency is to value the M more than myself. This is wrong. I can't fix it by myself, need a willing partner.

Jomarion posted 7/6/2014 17:59 PM

Thanks,Lordhasaplan, for this post. it is a lot both intellectually and emotionally to take in. I am trying hard to heal. Your words are helping.

lordhasaplan? posted 8/12/2014 17:44 PM


southernmess posted 8/14/2014 18:41 PM

Horseluvr ....thank you for sharing your story....I related so o much .....I lol all day everyday my h and dd1 & dd2 look fantastic ...are stress-free & I'm the hot mess that happened I have no idea what confidence feels like ..before dday...I had questioned my wh and checked his phone repeatedly. ..he actually became angry in my lack of trust in him ........saying ** your so damn insecure**. ..its sad...stop living in the past! All along he was indeed involved in ea & debating seeing a prostitute...bc he had fantasies of acting out really disrespectful sexual porn like stuff ....that he could never do with me bc im his wife and mother of his children....gee he's so considerate ..NOT!

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