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Support for BS in Limbo

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heartlandgirl posted 9/6/2012 15:10 PM

I find myself in this holding pattern that has become my life. Every time I receive the all clear from the tower and lower the landing gear something makes me pull back up. I can't keep circling forever, I'm running out of fuel...

Jrazz posted 9/6/2012 18:42 PM

Perfect metaphor, heartlandgirl. You might need to make your own runway....


navymom1 posted 9/7/2012 12:15 PM

The Reasons Our MARRIAGE is OVER !
1. LIES, LIES and more LIES
2. Had to go get my answers from your WHORE and then you choose to let me accept her answers with no explanations.
3. NO Remorse (regret you were caught yes)
4. Ignoring my feelings
5. Ignoring the numerous conversations I have tried to have with you !!!
6. Choosing to ACT like nothing ever happened!
7.Choosing to IGNORE that I SUFFER on a DAILY BASIS
8. No INTIMACY since conversation with your WHORE
9. Lack of contact while at work with WHORE
10. Failure to take MC advice and look into yourself, read his papers..etc...
11. Failure to provide me with a honest,accurate TIMELINE

This is the letter my WH will be recieving today when he gets home after 8 months of one way trying I have come to peace that I can no longer live this way !!! I will no longer live in limbo

justjul posted 9/7/2012 12:31 PM

heartlandgirl, I took a look at your other posts... I'm sending you support (and hoping, hoping that perhaps you might slowly be moving out of limbo. I don't think any one of us wants to be here).

navymom1, (((hugs!!))

I think I crashed and burned in limboland today. All my numbness faded away, and every emotion and thought went haywire. Had a five hour long panic attack. Sobbed so hard until I gagged. And continued to flipflopped between feeling calm and rational to anguished and depressed multiple times every hour. It was like DDay again...and heck if I don't know what's what right now.

Oddly enough, at this moment of the hour, I'm feeling kind of calm. Please send vibes that I can sleep without another panic attack waking me up, if you will.

notwillingtoquit posted 9/11/2012 23:06 PM


I'm joining in here too...cuz I'm riding the limbo-coaster!

It's been almost 1 yr. since the last DDay, and so far she has respected NC. 90% of the time, my WW shows no remorse and blame-shifts constantly. She refuses MC and says she's just waiting for me to get fed up...

The other day she said "You made me suffer for the first half of our it's your turn!" (WTF?!). Said the affair was the "best thing she ever did". The next day she hugs me and says she's "trying", and asks me to rub her feet! (again...WTF?!)

Like a few others on here, I've stayed because of the kids...the fear...etc., but I think I've had about enough.

After the crazy day mentioned above, I went to a L's office and also booked IC for later this week (finally!)

I know limbo will continue for now, but I need to get some clarity and direction.

I'm just saddened to think that R is not looking likely, and that I may have to D after all :-(

h0peless posted 9/11/2012 23:28 PM

Limbo sucks. I've "only" been there for 7 weeks now but it feels like an eternity. I'm trying to get my head straight so I can work up the courage to write a "R or let me go" letter. I suppose the unintended weight loss isn't such a bad thing.

justjul posted 9/12/2012 06:55 AM

My WH did not agree to NC, actually met with her over the weekend* ... and then went on to treat me extremely nice, a lot of attention, stared at me with a small smile on his face and complimented my new hair cut.

* He hid this from me, but I found texts setting up the meeting. The WTF part is that she offered to get her GF to drive her to him. I.. I don't even know.

kchip posted 9/14/2012 04:58 AM

I'm hurting.

My WW told me yesterday again that she doesn't know what she wants. I love her and have stopped lashing out at her over the A. She is still in 'love' with mOM, I know it, and it kills me. He lied to her, led her on, and gave her herpes (and me). He went back to his BW after I outed him to his BW on 8/16. My WW says she has had NC and I just don't believe her. We are seperated. My story is complicated (see profile) and the M was not great the last few years. It used to be.

I am also an alcoholic. I've been back in AA since 3 days after Dday. I know so much of what has happened is my fault. I never ever physically hurt my wife, but I know I was not a good husband. I worked - alot - and she has said she felt neglected. The years 2009-2012 are a blur to me know. I look at our pictures but and see us together but I was actively drinking during this time. The years I wasn't drinking were mostly happy. I hate myself for what I have done. I can truly say, I have hit bottom.

So since a week after dday I have been telling my WW I want to change and save our M. She of course is skeptical. Not of my intentions, but of me. She has told friends that she doesn't want a D. But she will not say she wants to work things out with me. We actually went to 2 MC sessions but it was so soon after dday, that the sessions went badly. My WW told the C she didn't want to come back, she thought she might be -done. She did agree to come back for IC and has been going.

I have been writing my WW emails about every other night. So many emotions and memories have been coming back since my alcoholic fog has started to lift. I am depressed and taking ADs for a few weeks. It seems to be helping as I am breaking down less and less, but I am still always sad. When I think about how WW said she was in love with him I feel my heart sink. We have shared so many memories, we were in love. How could she do this. Why didn't she just throw me out, file for divorce - anything - anything but this. I'm devastated by how she conducted herself since Dec 2010. Looking at out vacation and family pictures, knowing it was all a lie. How does someone do this?

There are our boys - the innocents. They do not understand what has happened. They ask me everyday when am I coming home. I want to come home. My WW doesn't want me to come home. She won't even agree to resume MC, even though I have been on my best behavior and have tried to be understanding. I have acknowledged my part in everything about our M, and the drinking.

Finally, the worst part - all her friends, they are all divorced and have her ear. Some of them have know about the mOM all along. I thought they were my friends too. None of them talk to me now. My MIL, omg, what a nightmare. My MIL has known all along and advised my WW to "keep her mouth shut" and agreed to be my WW alibi all those times she went to meet mOM. I know, I read all WW emails. Knowing all the details from reading her emails hurts like hell. I know too much.

I hold on daily to the words my WW said to me on Dday. "I don't want a D". And also, that she confided in our last mutual friend 2 weeks ago and said she "didn't want D".

The not knowing, the professed 'love' for mOM. The length of the A. It follows me around like a dark cloud. I've lost 50lbs since yesterday. None of my clothes fit anymore. I go to AA meetings and people always approach me after and ask me if I'm alright. The short answer is no - I'm not. I have read the Healing library and 180 so many times i think I've memorized it. I've read NJF, surviving the A, Road less traveled, and just about every Google article I can find on Fog, LTA, and infidelity.

I love my wife. I always have.....and my heart is broken.

Jrazz posted 9/15/2012 12:13 PM

(((BS in Limbo)))

Not an easy place to be. Hoping you all find some peace and relaxation this weekend.

justjul posted 9/15/2012 16:26 PM

I'm still in limbo, hurting and hurting and hurting.. I'm glad for the those of you who've moved on.. Anger seems to be a good strange for movement and clarity...

But I still don't know where mine is.

I feel so very alone.

justjul posted 9/18/2012 04:38 AM

I feel like I'm doing this to myself... Limbo. I'm scared of everything. Things I should do for my marriage, for me.. the one I would turn to for comfort and support is gone, and I'm desperately looking for some inner strength that doesn't seem to be there. I'm even scared to post, it feels like. I do come to read...I would even encourage and agree with the advice of others... But I can't bring myself to do it myself. everything hurts. I hate this.

Jrazz posted 9/22/2012 02:49 AM

You're not alone, justjul.

Posting can be scary because it makes things feel more real. It also tends to push us towards the hard answers that we don't want to face. Nobody's going to judge you, we're all here to help.

Sending some hugs. Find your inner strength by doing nice thongs for yourself that have nothing to do with anyone else. Get your favorite tea - go for a walk. There's more to life than this relationship.


justjul posted 9/23/2012 11:20 AM

It also tends to push us towards the hard answers that we don't want to face.

I think you nailed it, Jrazz. Sighs.

I'm just so tired. Will try to focus on doing something for myself.

jaded1yr posted 9/28/2012 23:34 PM

This is where I am. D day was a year ago and at first I felt desperate to hang on because we've been married for 20 years. But his constant going back and forth and his pity party for himself (he has several personal issues related to being disabled and having lap band) is WEARING ME OUT. I need peace. He finally consented to seeing a counselor, but I wish he could see what I see. That if he doesn't stick to NC and deal with the guilt he feels toward me and the OW nothing is going to get better. LIMBO IS HARD, but I'm still hoping that the wonderful husband I had comes back from where he's been because the person he is now is not him. In the meantime as pray God will guide me thru each day. God Bless You All who are struggling with this.

scangel3 posted 9/29/2012 01:57 AM

Limbo SUCKS!!! WH has NC 99% but because of work see's her but only a couple of times a year. But now he say's he still doesn't love me and isn't able to give me that part of his heart back (although he claims he wants to, but he doesn't know how or why), and this is after 2 years since final dday. I have felt it, knew something was up since he just never treated me the same after his A, but for him to actually say the words was a different story, time for me to face reality I guess.

How long do you wait for a ws to love you again? He wants to stay and work things out, but I don't want to be in a loveless marriage forever!!! Do you put a time limit on love?

This all just SUCKS!!!

crazyblindsided posted 9/29/2012 11:22 AM

ooops just saw first page for BS only. Sorry

[This message edited by crazyblindsided at 1:28 PM, September 29th (Saturday)]

justjul posted 9/29/2012 12:09 PM

I feel dead inside. Which is ironic, because WH has said the same thing of himself, as to why he has no idea what he wants. he did, however, say he 's planning to see a doctor. Maybe a counselor. (cue unwilling hope on my part)

Of course,the A is still alive and kicking.. (cue more heartbreak on my part)

I have no idea if he's broken and confused.. Or if he's lying.

<-- because I can't seem to cry in person.

stungbytravel posted 11/18/2012 21:03 PM

I am in Limbo and I dont't like it. I don't want to give it either though

It's been 28 days from D-day. Supposed EA only but has also said he has feelings for her. He is currently away on business and I do not know what to expect when he comes home. He has not been remorseful And at times actually acts like I am the problem. He has not apologized to me and I asked for two things before he left and he has been unable to do either. One of which was more frequent contact. I'm fact it seems at times he is intentionally avoiding me.

I am doing good things for myself and am getting stronger. I am hanging on because he says he doesn't want us to be done. However his actions speak louder than words and his actions say that when he comes home he might be moving out. I don't know what to do.

I am seeing an IC but WH refuses to see an MC until he sees and IC but he won't schedule that appointment.

willbeme posted 12/4/2012 10:20 AM

I'm hoping that someone out there can help steer me or give me some insight.

This is only my second time posting but I'm only 2 weeks away from my divorce.

My mind has been made of for several months that I was moving forward with the divorce because retrospectively I was in a controlling and verbally abusive marriage.

We have one 3 year old son.

Being 2 weeks away he's suddenly "seen the light" and wants to show me he's a better man. I've heard promises before in our marriage that he will "never" do that again never "hurt" me again. Never happens.

I def. have my guard up but he's saying he wants to be a "family" for our son and its killing me to think I'm making the wrong decision to split my son's home.

Anyone help? Thinking I can't trust or believe this is true feelings but its almost over and he's getting to me.

I think I've heard this is pretty typical.

SoyLatte posted 12/5/2012 00:17 AM

I'm only in limbo because i must stay in this M to protect my kids. I KNOW wh would turn completely nasty and make us all miserable for years to come. Plus we live overseas in a place where the law favors men. As long as we're here, I simply will not risk it. For now, he's in his happy A fog, thinking I'm a fool and not wise to it, and it's safer for all of us to leave him that way for now. Meanwhile I am gathering evidence, seeking counseling and legal advice, and getting financial ducks in a row for whenever the day comes that I can leave this pos.

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