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My new video thread ... post em here ...

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Jen posted 5/19/2012 20:03 PM

this kid is amazing and has so very much talent ... His voice is sooo smooth, and his talent is overwhelming ...

just plain freaking awesome ...

Jpapageorge posted 5/24/2012 03:37 AM

Three minutes and twenty seconds of fascinating:

Jen posted 5/29/2012 20:44 PM

for jpapa ... the meaning of the F-word

Jen posted 6/7/2012 20:29 PM

Molly Shannon ... nuff said

ladyvorkosigan posted 6/11/2012 08:11 AM

The pug that couldn't run:

Jen posted 6/11/2012 18:11 PM

that was awesome vid ladyV ... thanks for sharing ... poor little Loca glad she is so happy ...

Myname posted 6/24/2012 21:20 PM

Booger Bear's friend hanging around the garage.

Jen posted 6/24/2012 21:42 PM

awwww .... his/her cries pull at my little bear heart ...

And mama bear was NOT having anything to do with the door being in the way ...

so glad he/she was ok ...

for the everyday heroes ...

thank you

Jen posted 7/3/2012 23:39 PM

1 week ago today I thought the worst for my home ... The progress in one week has been astounding !!!!!

this is amazing footage of just how wonderful firefighters are ... what bravery and courage they showed ...

So many homes were saved because they HELD THE LINES !!!!!! So many homes ...

This is first hand footage from the CSFD as he drove through the area while it was being consumed in flames and homes were burning everywhere ....

The fire is now 80% contained and they are shooting for July 8th for 100% !!!!!

Almost 18,000 acres burned and 347 homes lost ...

I just cannot give my thanks and appreciation enough to these men and women who stood at the gates of hell and told him to fuck off, your not getting this house, your not getting these homes, your not crossing this street !!!!

My home community has come out in droves by the 1000's to thank the firefighters/workers of this fire ... I have been told that many times firefighters do not get this kind of recognition ... often they get the opposite from those who lost homes, and it just snowballs ...

Along the street you can see signs thanking them for trying to save my home, Children holding these signs. I would not want to be from anywhere else in the world than Colorado. It is truly an amazing place ...

So if your a firefighter or some sort of first responder I thank you, I thank you so very much.

Jpapageorge posted 7/8/2012 16:04 PM

A sing along for a Sunday:

jo2love posted 7/9/2012 19:35 PM

There is a song I loved right before DD was born. Over the past 10+yrs, I forgot all of the song except for 5 seconds of the music. I found it the other day.

Jpapageorge posted 7/28/2012 00:40 AM

With the Friday night/10000 post bar dying, I have one thing to say:

Jen posted 7/28/2012 01:22 AM

TOGA !!!!!!!

heartbroken_kk posted 7/30/2012 20:41 PM

Who's got a peach tree?

Jpapageorge posted 8/17/2012 03:59 AM

One of the best Elvis tributes ever:

Jen posted 9/7/2012 21:57 PM

Family Feud Bloopers ......

I LOVE Juicy Couture ... specially the purses ... Now I am also a fan of the menz from JC ....

eta ... shit I forgot the links ... again ... here they are ...

[This message edited by booger bear at 10:29 PM, September 7th (Friday)]

Jen posted 9/14/2012 20:53 PM

new take on bowling .....

hahaha .... I would do this ... I would also put one of those motion activated screamer things inside the ball ... blood curdling screams as is rolls on ...

ladyvorkosigan posted 9/27/2012 07:54 AM


Jen posted 12/5/2012 19:02 PM

oh jeez almost lost it again ...

a little Christmas music ... My favorite anyway !!!!!!!! ***This is My fave *** ***This is my fave Christmas song EVER !!! and Bob Seger does a fabulous job !!!!!!!! Love it !!!!!!***

heartbroken_kk posted 12/6/2012 04:21 AM

It's raining here today. And the trails are too soggy to ride. Well, for me anyway. I got no balls.

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