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Ashley madison

Skittlebug234 posted 7/9/2015 20:31 PM

I am naive and new to this whole world where cheating on your loyal, supportive and loving spouse is a hobby for some. I went to browse on AM to see what it is and I just cant get over how sick it is. I can't get over how people actively seek to hurt someone who pledged their life to them. I know these are not new revelations, I just am so shocked- even more shocked that this is now my reality.

healingroad posted 7/9/2015 20:47 PM

There are many of us whose marriages were destroyed with Ashley Madison being the main weapon. My profile is probably ever-too-typical.

Just remember, even though millions of people are empty and soulless enough to turn to Ashley Madison, most people are not. Anyone who cheats and says that "everyone is doing it" is a liar just trying to make themselves feel better.

And if you look closely at the profiles on AM (don't do this on a full stomach) and read between the lines, you'll see how pathetic and miserable they are. They don't represent the vast majority of people who have basic integrity and respect for their loved ones.

demolishedinside posted 7/9/2015 21:03 PM

Yeah...I even stopped focusing on my hurt a while because I was hurting for all those being betrayed on these sites who didn't know. Reading and seeing things I've seen has colored the world for me and I am deeply sad for what others do to hurt people they claim to love.

Hurtbuthopeful35 posted 7/9/2015 22:06 PM

(All I can manage)

findaway posted 7/9/2015 22:17 PM

Several months ago I saw a Ashley Madison commercial on t.v. I went to the site to see what was its purpose. I wasn't on it a few minutes and got away from it what little I saw was enough. It's so sad so many people are falling into the trap of it's okay to have sex with who ever I want. This world is getting really messed up. I have been tempted to do the same but after what my wife done to me I never will. It makes me sick.

Frosty123 posted 7/9/2015 22:38 PM

I had heard about the site before and couldn't believe people actually used it. I remember talking with my husband about how horrible it was.

I almost threw up when I found out he met the OW on the site

I wanted to go on it and look to see if he was really off but I don't really even want to go there

healingroad posted 7/9/2015 22:54 PM

"I wanted to go on it and look to see if he was really off but I don't really even want to go there."

The Ashley Madison scumbags charge $20 to delete accounts. You can ask him to show you the charge.

Frosty123 posted 7/9/2015 23:00 PM

That's how I found out he had an account because he took screen shots of the page saying he was paying to delete it and I found the pics.

It's like a creepy blackmail like thing. If you want it to be completely gone you have to pay .

Shatteredtobits posted 7/9/2015 23:09 PM

$20 is nothing compared to the charges for being a member!!!! Yep Frosty123 ...same thing here..thats where he met her...desprate (to be polite) people one that site...husband one of them...btw...if a charge appears ADLMedia on a charge card, banking statement..or other form of method to pay bills...yep...then they ARE a member....sorry but just thought that information shoul be out there... ...believe the charge was about $70 bucks a month!!!!!! To be a memeber of that sleazy site

Rubix posted 7/10/2015 08:09 AM

It actually put me off my food (more so than I already was) once I heard and saw commercial for it. they actually believe it "helps your marriage" or some poisonous vermin bullshit. I get the same disgusted feeling at CL personals

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paperweight posted 7/10/2015 08:32 AM

MOW actually told WH that when she was on Ashley Madison she felt "used" by these married men who were "taking advantage of lonely, sad women." She was always devastated when the "relationship" didn't work out because the husband wouldn't leave his wife.

Shatteredtobits posted 7/10/2015 12:48 PM

When my WH said he was gaslighting OW too..I actually had to point out to him (yep..there goes the low IQ thing again ) that SHE was also on the site...a site specifically for CHEATERS so she knew damn well what she was getting into as much as he did...No Excuses or stories there!!!...

I have never seen the commercial, but WH and I where recently driving through the city and a huge bus (like the transit buses) had a 'skin' covering the entire damn thing with Ashley Madison all over it!!!! right in front of us...anyone in our BS situation could not have missed this!!!! We were just silient in the car...if I opened my mouth to say somethig, I think what I had for dinner would have come out !!!!!!

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Amess posted 7/10/2015 15:03 PM

Cringing because it's vile and I am disgusted by all that want to find random sex partners. Hello STD's!

JellyGirl84 posted 7/10/2015 15:11 PM

Some guy on a regular dating site messaged me. When I looked at his pics, I saw that one of them of him was a screen shot from AM. Well, I sent him a piece of my mind like, How dare he be on a site like that? Did he think I was stupid to be interested in a man who also had an account there? Etc.

He never responded.

oodlesofnoodles posted 7/10/2015 23:56 PM

My WH had a profile on AM too. It was billed as iTunes for $53, by they messaged on kik. I went on there looking for his profile and couldn't find it, I suppose he paid to delete it. His AP said her BS found their messages and that after I kicked him out she became uninterested. So sick...

BeAnOcean posted 7/11/2015 21:55 PM

I found that my WS had set up an account there when I went to look something up on his computer. I read his profile and had a good chuckle over him describing himself as "fit and attractive" and confronted him over it. He said he just wanted to be sexually desired and felt like he was wanted. How completely sad and pathetic that you need strangers to feed you ego kibbles and enliven your life because you can't make yourself feel good. Oh, i'm sorry your wife was too busy raising 4 kids and had one still nursing and didn't have time to chase you around the bedroom. what the eff ever, so damn pathetic.

inmisery1 posted 7/11/2015 22:15 PM

I found my h photto on there about a month after his said he is handsome and well educated Of course his story was he forgot to take it down and the email associated with it oh and the password. I can't believe those ass***es are stupid enough to actually post their photos. It's really sad."i still have an account( you have to pay to have it deleted) I refuse to givethem any money.( or more than my putz husband has proably already given them.

DerailedMarriage posted 7/11/2015 22:34 PM

Wow! On another thread I seen someone posted about AM and I couldn't figure out what they were talking about, but I get it now and it's repulsive! There is definitely not a lack of opportunities for those looking for them.

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