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Found H's email on AM

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unloved22 posted 8/22/2015 12:28 PM

Sounds like my life Imsickofyou. I am so sorry. I wish I knew someone to get the info for me.

unloved22 posted 8/22/2015 21:51 PM

Trythis web site. I got more info there search.ashleymadison.sucks/

imsickofyou posted 8/22/2015 23:24 PM

Thank you unloved22. This gave me all the information I was seeking. I showed it to him and his first comment was that I participated in a felony by knowingly reviewing stolen information. I said by all means, have me prosecuted so your children will know I'm in court because you trolled for females to have sex with on the Internet. I guess that I know now what it means to have crossed the Rubicon. Now he is morally outraged because I don't believe his word. And for this I wasted 25 years of my life.

whattheh posted 8/23/2015 14:19 PM

My fWH told me to check the dump and he was surprised when I found it showed he had a profile. He has become very forgetful and I think he may be developing dementia which both parents had. That or hes a sociopath or NPD?

Then he claimed MOW must have set it up to frame him. But the IP sign up and latitude longitude were accurate for our 2homes. I was home with him the day he set the account in a different state than MOW.

The email verified said yes as well.

Luckily in our case no credit card was used so things are fairly anonymous.

Now hes claiming he must have set it up to check to see if MOW was on-site herself and he could use it as further ammo to get it to go away. He said the screen nane was something she always said to him which he scretly hated so he used it to mock her. Whole thing has had me wanting to vomit.

He ended up using some elaborate lies about our money situation instead which did the trick(she was after his half of our money) except well she told me about the cheating and included his lies which she still believed. I told her to eff off and did not tell her he lied. He hates her and she really did use emotional blackmail but too bad so sad.

I don't understand why these cheaters can't just tell us the truth. What theyve done is bad enough without layering on the lies which they cant even keep track of as they age.

[This message edited by whattheh at 2:29 PM, August 23rd (Sunday)]

tryingagain74 posted 8/23/2015 15:56 PM

When I checked for my ex's dummy email (on ashleymadison.sucks), he had created six profiles, total. Five must have been creepy, free lurker profiles, because only one of them gave his name (which they list as name reported on the CC). So, he finally got tired of getting little to no action, I guess, and then went ahead and paid whatever.

So, I think that if you find your partner's email on there, and there isn't a name listed next to it, that person just created a free lurker account. If the name is there, he paid.

Yet another lie my ex told me-- he only created a free account on AM! Uh-huh.

whattheh posted 8/23/2015 16:22 PM

Ive just read in another post that people can alsp pay using paypal and thru itunes. And in those cases their real name may not show up.

superchump posted 8/23/2015 18:53 PM

I don't understand why these cheaters can't just tell us the truth. What theyve done is bad enough without layering on the lies which they cant even keep track of as they age.

Indeed, a question for the ages.

tluu posted 8/24/2015 11:59 AM

sorry am , its hard to chew on this , I do have a question for everyone , why are we all seeking for the true when we already know the answer you don't go to mc Donald to order Chinese food ? sitting still doesn't mean we do nothing , I guess everyone is difference however we all have the six senses if you try hard enough you can tap on to your six senses it will help to make a right decision , meditation also help , good luck

mharris posted 8/24/2015 14:40 PM

There's an article on a ste called techlicious dot com Called 3 Ways To Tell If Your Spouse Is On Ashley Madison, or something like that. Start there, if you want to read up. Or google Ashley Madison credit card statement. You will get all the info you need.

HopefulMommy posted 8/25/2015 16:15 PM

Still can't see the data. His email passwords have changed. Nothing on our cc, but he's not that stupid.

HopefulMommy posted 9/1/2015 15:27 PM

I just did more digging and found an adultfriendfinder account. It's deleted and can no longer be accessed, but he was getting the emails for two years. Not sure how to keep digging.

Scornedmommy posted 9/16/2015 18:30 PM

HopefulMommy- how did you locate the Adult Friend Finder account. Did your husband use an email address that you already knew? I'm going nuts looking for evidence besides the email was compromised. Any new sites available to check ( before they get shut down) ?

Did you confront your husband with the AM and AFF findings, HopefulMommy?

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