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The gift that freaks you out?

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DragnHeart posted 7/18/2016 09:32 AM

Only I would be given such a gift....seriously why can't someone show up with a truck and trailer with a horse or pony or even a donkey...?!? Nooooo. Here DragnHeart how about the world's largest Tarantula...

The photo doesn't do him justice at all. He's got his legs tucked in, but at full spread he's as large as a dinner plate. (That's 12" across!). He's due for a moult. Seeing as they fling their hairs at you when stressed (it's a defence thing and the hairs are very irritating) I hope so, his butt is nearly bald. I was told he's more docile than usual but I won't be handling him and yes I'm using "him". He hasn't been cooperative in raising his butt for me to take a good look to determine sex.

This is a Goliath Bird eater. Something WH always wanted and MINE. Haha! Ok so I'm not 100% excited about this creature and I can't tell you how long the drive home felt with this guy in a clear container on the passenger seat...the whole time moving around. Shutter!

One thing is for sure. I won't ever me a hand model...yikes my hand looks bad! Lol

Jeaniegirl posted 7/18/2016 09:58 AM

OMG you drove a car with that in the passenger seat? YIKES!!! You are a better woman than I am - and I'm not afraid of many things. The only thing I can think of that would be worse would be a snake riding shotgun.

DragnHeart posted 7/18/2016 10:08 AM

Yep he road shotgun lol. Wanted to make sure I could see him. I was going to stop at the gas station but feared knowing my luck I'd get back in the truck to an empty container.

Seeing the tarantula is OK. It's when they disappear that it's a major problem

I want to get a photo of him all spread out but he's down in his burrow. They can stress easy so I will leave him alone for now. I got a few other pics last night though. I'll upload them online and post in a bit.

DragnHeart posted 7/18/2016 10:10 AM

Myname posted 7/18/2016 18:13 PM

OMG. Seriously?!

That thing is freaky!!!

HearMe posted 7/19/2016 03:08 AM


My brother loves snakes spiders and scorpions (and has them)

Needless to say I don't visit him. He comes to my house or we meet somewhere.

He also has an iguana and bearded dragons. ..these I like.

I even had a couple beardies, very sweet animals.

DragnHeart posted 7/19/2016 04:45 AM

I love iguanas and beardies, except the one my BIL gave us. Damn thing is miserable and bites! I've never had a bearded dragon that was so aggressive. BIL also gave us a snake that has some "issues"... It slithers around on its back! Duh!

Now most people would hate the tarantula. My WH however prefers that over a praying mantis. I got home and he came walking over all freaked out. I thought something was wrong. Nope, just him whinning about how in every place hes lived he has never had so many praying mantis' land on him. Since moving here it's a common thing lol. The kids and I love them but WH....he screams and becomes a karate master when one lands on him.

DragnHeart posted 7/19/2016 08:10 AM

Here's the nasty bearded dragon. BIL always hated beardies and I can see why this this one. I try to fill his bowl with mealworms and he comes at me. I look forward to getting him into his proper enclosure, this one is temporary.

EvenKeel posted 7/19/2016 09:18 AM

BIL also gave us a snake that has some "issues"... It slithers around on its back! Duh!
Awww...poor thing probably has vertigo.

DragnHeart posted 7/19/2016 09:25 AM

Wh says he's seen this before and is a neurological issue. Nothing can be done about it. He seems happy, eats well albeit its sorta weird watching a snake eat upside down lol. He'll remain a pet and not used for breeding.

I am sorta excited. Was told someone has a female ball pythons for us. Woohoo. I have two males. Both regular patterns. One of the male's is huge and I mean big for a ball. I hope to breed out that trait

As much as I like taking in unwanted reptiles, it does bother me when the only reason is because the animal got to big. This is such a common problem with iguanas. If I had more space as in cages set up, I would take them in.

Skan posted 7/20/2016 17:15 PM

Try a reticulated python, for big! I answered an ad for a "free snake" and got cornered by a frantic woman whose Marine XBF had left the snake at her house when he broke up with her. She was terrified of it, and I have to say, that when I walked in to look at him, I could see why. Totally not hand-tamed and hissing like a steam engine! She didn't know what he was, neither did I, but I took him. He was 3' long then.

Hand trained him with a welding glove, but he settled down to be a lovely snake. Named him Maxwell Monty Python, Max for short. Took him everywhere with me. Did some research and figured out what he was and HOW BIG he was going to grow, so he was somewhat food restricted as I didn't want to have him grow too fast. At 12' long, I came in one night to find him trying to catch and eat my cat he had broken out of his cage 3 nights previously and successfully hidden until then in a studio apartment. That was when I re-homed him with a gent in Hollywood who had a permit and provided animals for the movie industry. I gather Maxie was in a few movies because he was a particularly mellow snake for a retic.

I like snakes! Unfortunately, FWH doesn't, or I'd probably have a cute little Rosie boa or Ball python.

lynnm1947 posted 7/21/2016 09:59 AM

Dragn, I know you keep saying you want to have an SI G2G at your place, but seriously, girl?????? If you expect anyone to show up, post pics of your cat, dog, goat, turkeys.

DragnHeart posted 7/21/2016 10:15 AM


Well I don't expect anyone to be hanging out in my bedroom and that's where the creepy crawlies are and most of the reptiles. One baby water dragon is in his display tank in the living room but he's to cute.

HenryIIX posted 7/21/2016 11:38 AM

in my bedroom and that's where the creepy crawlies are and most of the reptiles

- Ha!! I think a lot of us have had creepy crawlies in our bedrooms before!!!!

BtraydWife posted 7/21/2016 11:57 AM

Your hand looks like it belongs to a strong woman who has had to work hard for what she has. Stop kicking yourself.

Interesting spider, but no thank you.

DragnHeart posted 7/22/2016 05:52 AM

Lol yes the biggest "creep" in the bedroom isn't the tarantula lmao...

The new guy is in a large exo Terra tank on the shelves along the wall at the end of the bed. We went to go to bed only to find him out and about. Wh and I watched the WH said Mr. All Legs was laying down webbing that would lead back to his den so that when an insect (or mouse lol) walks on it he will know. Quite interesting to watch actually. And unlike the Indian Ornamental tarantula we have Mr. All Legs cannot climb onto the glass. For one he's to large and he is a ground spider. A fall from the tank to the floor would kill him. At least I don't have to worry about him making it over to the bed lol. That said his tank WILL have a lock.

DragnHeart posted 7/22/2016 05:56 AM

Oh and I'm glad I took the photo when I did. My hands and arms are scraped up pretty good now since I discovered how Stripes (goat) was getting Daisy out of the pen. See stripes can jump the five foot fence, Daisy cannot. So he decided to rip apart the fence

So much for "goat fencing"!!! I didn't even notice how scraped I was until after fixing the hole.

But thank you BtraydWife. I wish my hands were stronger

UnlovedAndBroked posted 7/22/2016 11:56 AM


Kill it with fire.

DragnHeart posted 7/25/2016 05:22 AM

Oh man this sucks! When tarantulas molt they flip upside down. Well our guy is that way right now. This process can take a few days I'd not longer so WH and I are on pins and needles waiting for him to come out. This is a time when they are very vulnerable and can stress easy and die. Thing is when they die they curl their legs right up and most if his are still stretched out so that's good but...he wiggled around a bit and partly buried himself. Ok just checked, he's very buried... The substrate is moving a bit. Just hope that's him and not some mealworms that were in there. Oh I hate the waiting lol

DragnHeart posted 7/26/2016 08:56 AM

Well everyone who would like to see the tarantula burn can rejoice. It appears he had died during his molt. Still upsidedown and half buried. He did alot of wiggling shortly after turning over but hasn't moved at all since. Ugh!

They really are a very delicate creature and I will admit for someone who hated spiders I am very sad right now. I guess the stress of the move here right before a molt is what did it though he did appear fine, walking around. We will give it until the end of the week (molting should only take a day max). Then I'll mount him up and frame him.

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