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Affair sex

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Bigger posted 9/15/2017 06:14 AM

Your wife didn’t cheat because the sex was so great.
Plain and simple.
How can I be so certain?

Because by the time she could evaluate the quality of the sex it was way too late.

sassylee posted 9/15/2017 06:32 AM

Jimmy - sending you hugs and validation. Don't compare pain. It could be worse - but that doesn't take away how it feels. Ask your GP to change your AD. Trial and error will find the perfect fit for you.

Don't rush to get through it. That leads to rugsweeping - which means more pain down the road. You're only 2 months out. It's a rollercoaster. You're in a dip, but your car will rise at some point too.

Michigan posted 9/15/2017 07:08 AM

It is often said, that in affairs women pay with sex to get "attention". I cannot wrap my head around it, but I guess that's true to some degree.


Old saying:

“Women give sex to get love. Men give love to get sex.”

smilethrupain posted 9/15/2017 16:17 PM

I'm on wellbutrin also, and no side effects. It's helped me. I don't think I'd be here right now without it.

smilethrupain posted 9/15/2017 16:31 PM

I have heard it said:
"the best revenge is a life well lived".
Many of us, myself included, have felt like ending it all. Yes, you are right. So much pain caused!!
Let's not give them the satisfaction.
Let's do whatever it takes to get through this and live life well.

I've heard this too, and I know it's the "right" answer.

But hurting myself or "ending it all" wouldn't give my SO any satisfaction. It would rock him to his core, which in a way is what's appealing about it. Stopping the pain for myself, and letting HIM feel for once just how devastating his actions have been and continue to be.

I do know that when he thinks I'm doing good, he feels better and less guilty. Like "see it's all working out". Everyone is happy, no big deal. When in fact I'm screaming mad/sad/depressed inside.

So this logic, even though the right thing, doesn't always seem to pan out for me. But I would never end up really hurting myself. I love my son too much. But that doesn't mean I don't fantasize about ending this whole nightmare.

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