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What does it mean when no one responds??

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Deejay523 posted 11/5/2017 16:31 PM

Don’t if you feel you have something to say something to let out that can releive you release it no matter how it sounds there is no experience to be had in this shit storm it is just that a shit storm that we have to go through and decide at some point your own time your own choice if it's worth it to go through or drop anchor and jump ship either way you have to get through the shit storm that has been given to us..Hugs to you

strugglebus posted 11/5/2017 16:33 PM

Sometimes I start to write something but then my thoughts aren't really gathered. Sometimes I will read something on my phone and then think about it from time to time for a few days to think it over before I say anything at all.

JpnHeartBreak posted 11/5/2017 16:43 PM

IMO it means that people are busy IRL. I’ve noticed that SI is really slow during the weekends & holidays. Im usually not able to respond to posts until late night when everyone’s asleep and I have “me-time”.

CWBS83 posted 11/7/2017 14:39 PM

Thanks Deejay523. I'll try to gather up more confidence next time. My WH's affairs slowly chipped away at any confidence I had that I stay silent a lot of times, even around my friends and family.

Deejay523 posted 11/8/2017 10:29 AM

Sounds a lot like me,I am still a work in progress...In hein site my confidence was low, even though I am unsure of a lot, my confidence is high and I work on it daily,stronger is the word of my life now,
(((Hugs to you )))

sparky762 posted 11/16/2017 21:51 PM

I certainly can understand what you mean. For so many of us, this is our only outlet where we can share what we really feel.

RaindropsTricks posted 11/16/2017 22:31 PM

For me, it usually means I have the same thoughts that you do and someone else could probably answer better.

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