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FB Question

persevere posted 11/15/2017 21:52 PM

I recently received a FB message from a user I didn't know. It said "Hey I have something to show you - do you know this name - "XWH's name here" - watch this naked video he is jerking off to the cam." Her profile name was "Ashley Madison" and she indicated she was from a nearby town.

It really freaked me out. Not because he might actually be doing that - God knows that's possible - but because I blocked him and his AP (who is now his W) years ago. How in the world could anyone have connected him to me?

I declined the message and I blocked her and reported her profile. But I'm still freaked out that she somehow located me. Anyone have any insight as to how this might have happened?

Wiserallthetime posted 11/15/2017 22:33 PM

I would suspect AP of setting up the bogus account, just to torment you - or maybe one of AP's friends. Or, could it be your xwh? Or a friend of his that might mess with you? One last option I can think of is a friend or family member of yours that is the type to think such a horrible thing would be funny.....

Someone else may have a better idea on it, though. I am still trying to figure out how a person I don't know and don't share any friends with was able to find and message me on FB, when I have my account locked down as tight as possible for privacy. (I also have xwh and mow blocked, as well as members from both of their families.)

Edit to add: I think you handled it properly, with declining the message and reporting the page. FB tends to look into those things fairly well, from what I understand.

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Ghofsip posted 11/15/2017 22:42 PM

i'd just block her and report her.

it's easy to find people on facebook. like 2-3 minutes of looking. they just search your name, even if you're not searchable, there are easy ways around FB's rules. like google a person's name + facebook + their home town, and you'll likely get their profile if they have one.

you're safe. just someone that has too much spare time reaching out. it's pretty pathetic.

hardtimesinlife posted 11/16/2017 05:57 AM

Maybe it's a new OW trying to out him to his wife? I think you can pay a dollar to get a message into the recipients inbox (as opposed to their spam folder)

EvenKeel posted 11/16/2017 06:58 AM

it's easy to find people on facebook
I agree. Setting up a bogus account is easy and you would not have that bogus account blocked.

Heck when I was doing OLD, I typically was able to find the guy even before he gave me a real name.

As to the why? Who knows - just take it as a "who cares" moment and be glad you are on a new path.

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harrybrown posted 11/16/2017 15:01 PM

so sorry that someone is messing with you in a major way.

Glad that you blocked it.

hope your current H can help with your feelings.

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