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Anyone read “Break Free From the Affair” by Dr. Huizenga?

Lbshop101225 posted 12/2/2017 13:34 PM

It pops up everywhere with links to purchase the ebook on tons of the affair recovery sites I’ve seen. Tons of people say it’s fantastic and very helpful, and the premise of it seems like it would help, but it’s $50 for a short ebook. So I was wondering if it’s actually worth that purchase price? Or is there a way to download it cheaper?

sassylee posted 12/4/2017 23:17 PM

I’d never heard of it...struggled to find reviews of the book that didn’t involve a kickback for purchasing through a site. That’s an awfully hefty cost consdering there’s no production costs. That makes it suspect in my mind. You have the info to help people heal and end affairs and yet you charge a hefty price for people to access it?

Freebygrace posted 12/5/2017 21:18 PM

I have not bought the ebook yet but I find his articles fascinating. Especially the chart with the seven reasons people have A’s. I believe my spouse is in the “I can’t say No” or “ I don’t want to say No” group. Both have a high rate of relapse A.
I found their form of 180 which is called charging neutral. But they have other theories like “consequence ‘em”. They are interesting but at this point, I am just done. I’m in the “tiger doesn’t change his stripes”. Mode.
I have studied Adultery way more than I ever wanted inthe last 17 years. But i never saw these theories before so it may be worth it. What i have read so far seems legit and helpful.

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