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the Human Magnet Syndrome

redfury posted 12/22/2017 07:14 AM

Has anyone read this book? Just started it, and it is explaining so much about my life. Why I fell instantly in love with an emotional manipulator. Highly recommend it for those struggling with codependency. The author, Ross Rosenberg, also has many good videos on YouTube.

twisted posted 12/22/2017 11:07 AM

Yep, read a good part of it online.
I think his concept is valid.

MadOldBat posted 2/17/2018 15:15 PM

I'm just about half way through - and like Redfury, I feel it explains so much.

It's made me even more determined to break away,
I understand more why STBXWH doesn't want me to divorce him, and no - it's definitely NOT because deep down he loves me so much.

It's also made me feel a bit like a walking cliche.

I can heartily recommend.


Iwantmyglasses posted 2/19/2018 14:11 PM

I read it as well. It is good. However, I donít believe it completely encompasses all characteristics and motivators in relationships.

After reading it I did wonder are there certain subjects I am narscistic about and others codependent about. I saw many interchangeable traits depending on the context/subject matter in life.

Itiswell2015 posted 3/1/2018 22:49 PM

I have listened to his stuff on youtube but yet to read his book. will give it a try

Candyman66 posted 3/3/2018 11:23 AM

I was reading a self help book years ago and one thing really stood out for me. That was that "If they can charm the birds out of the trees, be careful because that's what they do!"

This is probably talking about the same thing just saying it differently. I will try and find that book, thanks.

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