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Anyone read Out of the Doghouse

wantingtotrust posted 1/25/2018 09:23 AM

By Robert Weiss ?this is for the WS. Wondered if anyone had any thoughts?
Thanks !

kayaker55 posted 1/26/2018 00:01 AM

I haven't read it but my SA husband's CSAT has him currently reading it. She is an amazing therapist in my opinion and is holding his feet to the fire so I am trusting her choice of this book.
Kinda stupid title tho....

marji posted 1/26/2018 05:04 AM

Basically a kind of abbreviation of Weiss's other book, Sex Addiction 101 which I thought was better. I too think the title is ridiculous in that it trivializes betrayal.

My H and I both thought the first book very thorough and thoughtful and potentially helpful. I'd suggest reading the SA 101 first or instead in that it's somewhat more substantial notwithstanding the title on that one is sort of trivializing too. Perhaps whoever chose the titles thought shedding some humor or lightness on the subject would attract more readers.

KittyKatz posted 2/16/2018 23:37 PM

I read it last week and my husband read it last weekend. He said it helped him understand me a lot better and he has been acting much more patient and empathetic since then. He also read “How to Help Your Spouse Heal...” over the same weekend. The combination of those two books seem to have really had an impact on him

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