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Is NotTheVictim traveling?

latebloomer45 posted 2/19/2018 14:59 PM

Because I just read a flight made an emergency landing due to excessive farting by a passenger......

ZenMumWalking posted 2/19/2018 15:24 PM


Notthevictem posted 2/20/2018 14:52 PM

.......I wish I made the news like that.


How could I let someone beat me to it???

I can't let this slide.

There will be war. Fart war.

latebloomer45 posted 2/20/2018 16:49 PM

That's it. I'm giving up flying....

WhatsRight posted 2/20/2018 20:25 PM

This is a joke, right?

Just how much farting is considered "excessive"?

We're they worried about an explosion???

Trying2Survive1 posted 2/20/2018 21:46 PM

latebloomer45 posted 2/21/2018 07:20 AM


You can Google it. Transavia Airlines (Not in the US) One guy asked another guy to stop farting. He wouldn't (couldn't)? They started fighting. It was the fight that caused the emergency landing, not the farting.

I found a YouTube video that explained WHY we fart more in the plane. (Air pressure).

Fun reading as I fly back to Germany tomorrow...

Notthevictem posted 2/21/2018 17:12 PM

Oh, it landed because of fighting? That's too bad.... now I can still be the first!!!


Skan posted 2/21/2018 17:52 PM

Oh gawd, TELL me about gas pressure when flying! I honestly have to go to the bathroom about 2x as much as a Woman of a Certain Age has to go anyway, when I'm in an airplane! Oy!

latebloomer45 posted 2/21/2018 18:09 PM

So strange...I always feel bloated but not gassy.

On the trip FROM Germany I ate no meat and drank tons of water. Helped a lot.

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