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Married after 10 years into relationship. 6 months post marriage

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AffairofPast posted 3/5/2018 09:00 AM

She's manipulating you big time. Your M is supposed to be in the honeymoon phase. This A was ongoing while you were getting married.

Check her phone records, was she texting him during your honeymoon?

You can't have a M without trust. Even during this trial period, she needs to tell you the WHOLE TRUTH. Have her do a detailed time line. Listing all sex acts (from kissing to PIV), who knew or supported the A, when&where the PA activity occurred.

Tell her she has one chance at this. When she completes this, arrange a poly. Don't bluff, don't tell her ahead of time.

High chance she'll remember more in the parking lot, continue with the poly. Anyway.

Tell the OBS, it's the moral thing to do.

Don't have sex with her without a condom, highly likely she will trick you into getting her pregnant; not joking.

TimSC posted 3/5/2018 14:52 PM

My exwife and I were each other's first sexual partners.

When I found out that she had slept with another man (guy at her gym), I was destroyed. I lost weight, I got deeply depressed, I did not feel like getting out of bed. I lost my drive to succeed in life. My love for her began to fade.

She begged not to divorce, but that was the only thing that could make me feel better. Completely cut all responsibilities. Dated her after the divorce but never remarried.

No kids, and very young, you should get out. She has clearly shown you who she is and what she is capable of. Don't let the image of the woman you thought she was and wish her to be cloud the reality of the woman she is as shown by her actions.

Western posted 3/5/2018 18:23 PM

listen to the great Spaceghost. He handled his situation like 'the man'. You need to as well bro

paboy posted 3/16/2018 05:21 AM

um87. How are you and your wife progressing? Any updates?

paboy posted 4/30/2018 14:11 PM


Encase you need a hug.

changeneeded posted 5/1/2018 12:21 PM

Yeah, could somebody bring Spaceghost thread up? I don't know how. I could sure use an inspiring kick in the butt today.

Michigan posted 5/1/2018 19:11 PM

Here you go:


otter posted 5/1/2018 23:58 PM

Consult a lawyer am deathly make sure staying in marriage until jun/jul doesn't change anything in terms of settlement. She is working the situation hard, do all you can to figure out why. Think about what circumstances would of driven you to cheat and compare those to what motivated her. Then consider whether you are compatible or you need to find someone more like you. No kids, first relationship, not living together full time for very long is easier to leave than having children and 10 years under the same roof. Also use protection you can control because she may be motivated to get pregnant soon to get out from under this.

otter posted 5/2/2018 00:00 AM

I hate typing on tiny phone, 'am deathly' was meant to be 'and definitely'

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