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Barre. Anyone try it?

luvbug0915 posted 2/23/2018 12:23 PM

I don't know anyone IRL who takes classes so I figured someone here may be able to answer my questions.

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, osteoarthritis in my knees and feet as well as DDD all down my spine. You wouldn't know any of this from looking at me, I try not to let my pain stop me from doing things I enjoy but, I'm just not as active as I once was and would like to be again. I need a safe way to build strength and shed the weight I've gained this winter.

Would Barre be safe for me? Are there ways to modify moves for people with physical challenges?

I saw a great Groupon for a studio near me but I don't want to buy 10 classes if I won't be able to do it.

GabyBaby posted 2/23/2018 12:42 PM

When ai lived in CA, my daughter and I did barre classes together. Itís great for improving flexibility and I (noticeably out of shape when we started), saw and felt a huge difference after a few weeks of going 3-4 times per week.

There are a few places here in Atlanta that I saw, but I havenít found one close enough to my house to make it convenient enough to go consistently.

Try it! We loved it!

The studio we used had modified movements and worked for all fitness levels. I have tendonitis in my ankles and at one point had an ortho boot on one foot. I was still able to get in decent workouts.

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luvbug0915 posted 2/23/2018 13:27 PM

Well, I guess I do know someone IRL who has tried it!

Thanks for the input Gaby, I think I'll go buy that groupon now.

psychmom posted 2/23/2018 13:39 PM

Go for the shake, luvbug! Barre is a great workout for strength, although I've only taken 3 classes so am not a good person to tell you much about it. But why not try it out, right?!

luvbug0915 posted 2/23/2018 14:58 PM

You're right, psychmom.
I bought the Groupon and I'm trying a class tomorrow morning.

GabyBaby posted 2/23/2018 21:22 PM

Hi Luvbug!!
Let us know how you like it!

Skan posted 2/24/2018 18:01 PM

I loved my Barre classes, and just went to the first one that I've done in about 5 years on Thursday evening. Kicked My Ass! Totally! And this is after 2 months of Pilates. But I'm going to persevere as I really like what it did for my legs and ass back when I was doing it regularly.

If the Barre class doesn't work out for you, I would suggest that you do try Pilates next. The instructors that I have are able to do modifications on almost everything if you have a problem. And daym! One hell of a core workout!

luvbug0915 posted 2/26/2018 12:06 PM

I ended up in the 9am class yesterday and today I am feeling muscles I forgot existed. I imagine it will get just a bit worse before it gets better but I'm determined to use all 10 classes before they expire.
I like the format of the class and the instructor was able to give modifications for the couple things I just could not do at this fitness level.
I'm glad I bought the Groupon and I'm looking forward to my next class.

GabyBaby posted 2/26/2018 18:12 PM


undertherug posted 2/26/2018 19:16 PM

I love my barre classes! I am 70, have arthritis almost everywhere, and barre is helping me with conditioning and balance. Highly recommend.

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