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"Practicing" hitting on a guy at the bar

HappyTree posted 3/6/2018 10:48 AM

So, I just wanted to share this. I went out to the bar on Friday. My friend was 45 minutes late, so I had to wait for her. I decided that this would be a great chance to practice hitting on a guy. I told myself that this is the time to practice. I don't actually want to date, I don't actually want his number, I just want to practice!

I must say it went really well. We chatted and found that we are both event coordinators and we love our jobs. He gave me his work email before I left. Then later in the night a cute guy started dancing with me and we chatted off to the side for a bit.

So, this is my advice for people. Tell yourself that you are just practicing. Its no big deal if it doesn't work out because you are just practicing!

hardtimesinlife posted 3/6/2018 12:42 PM

Cool idea.
My friend will often pop into a busy bar/restaurant and order dinner then sit at the bar and have a drink while it's being prepared. She meets lots of people that way without going to a bar alone.

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