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Giving up

Etexas posted 3/8/2018 21:23 PM

It has been awhile since I have been here. Was trying R but it didnít go. I tried but something always held be back. I donít feel she ever really let me heal. It was one of Jose it is over letís move on thing for her. I guess about 2 1/2 years not really realizing it until I got back into counseling that I was depressed in a big way. She couldnít take me being depressed. She moved out in July and we havenít talked since August. We have texted a little about the kids but that is it.

She never said she wanted a divorce but went to see an attorney and we were seeing the same counselor just not together and the counselor was the one who said she intended on filing so I got pissed and went and filed that day. She left me to get the house together to sell and I pack up everything including her stuff. Divorce was finally final in February.

I started a new job in August when I really didnít want to with everything that was going on but everyone said he would help keep me distracted. It ended up being very stressful and I quit in November. My health just couldnít take it. I had plenty of money saved until I got another one but I havenít gotten another one. I am stressing and just about to give up all hope on everything. I am tired physically and mentally. I donít see the point in going on anymore. Life sucks. She robbed me of everything. Counselor is a faith based one which I like because I kinda of lost my faith during all this. I am tired of hearing God has a plan. A person can take so much. I donít know what I am going to do. I still have money but I donít want to blow through it. I have so much hurt and pain that sometimes it still consumes me.

Feel like I am just done with it all. Just canít keep this up. Counselor says getting a job will help and she may be right but what if that isnít enough either.

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phmh posted 3/8/2018 21:51 PM

I don't think of it as giving up, but as loving and respecting yourself to begin anew. I promise things will get better.

justbreathe74 posted 3/8/2018 22:01 PM

Hang in there, it will get better much better!
Please tell your Councelor how you are feeling pretty or get a new one who has no connection to her, and wonít break any confidentiality!

PlanC posted 3/8/2018 22:08 PM

The Piney woods of East Texas are far too pretty to leave you depressed, brother. Plenty of fun things to do. What area are you in?

shakentocore posted 3/8/2018 23:58 PM

Sorry you are hurting. Have you spoken to a medical doctor about your depression? Sometimes you need more than faith or counseling to heal. Please seek the help of a physician.

Also - you left your name in your post. You might want to edit it.

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