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Giggle share

Neverbeblindagain posted 3/8/2018 21:39 PM

I'm working to find a giggle everyday so that this whole court battle doesnt drag me down.

My lil man gave me a giggle so pure that I have to share.

I get a call from lil man 5 minutes after he is suppose to be on the bus and he is balling his eyes out

NBBA" you missed the bus didnt you"

LM " im so Sorry! Don't be mad, I missed the bus" ugly sobs

NBBA " OK, what were you doing that was more important than grabbing the bus" I'm thinking he was playing video games

LM " I was pooping and couldn't stop! The alarm was going but it was a really big poop!" Still crying

I'm dying in my cubicle and laughing as I try and tell my boss I need to leave to pick lil man up and bring him to school and that it's about a 2 hour round trip.

I get lil man and he tries to apologize hut I cut him off
NBBA "sweets, you were pooping, I can't get mad at that. It's a call of nature!"

LM " It was a really good poop mom, like omg, I felt so much better!🙄

Boys, they make everything better. Even poop...

SallyShrink81 posted 3/8/2018 21:50 PM

Thatís fantastic!! Good for him.

Minnesota posted 3/8/2018 22:23 PM

Big Mister sharted in the bathtub last night. Poop happens. He was afraid I was going to be mad. Then when I wasnít, he was kind of excited that there was as much poop as there was.

ohforanewme posted 3/9/2018 00:14 AM


You just cost me a cup of coffee.

Waiting at gym to be joined by wonderful woman an see how things are going in SI land. Was planning to see how things are going with CharliB's NB story when I see the title of your thread. Just could not resist.

Nonchalantly holding the phone in one hand and the coffee in the other. All is well until I get to the punch line.

Coffee everywhere. No gym for me today. Have to go home to get a change of clothes

alphakitte posted 3/9/2018 00:27 AM

Weíre talking poop here and NVT hasnít chimed in?

Randy1133 posted 3/9/2018 14:28 PM

A big poop is almost like an orgasm sometimes!

Notthevictem posted 3/9/2018 15:42 PM

I thought about chiming in but randy pretty much covered it.

WhatsRight posted 3/9/2018 16:28 PM

My nephew used to excuse himself after Thanksgiving, and when he returned, he would say, "That was so big I had to stand up to finish it!"

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