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How do you guys handle travel/work trips?

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mccloud posted 4/6/2018 19:35 PM

Well, my FWBF used to travel a lot for work. But he cheated at the Palace inn down the street from where he worked. Where they used to work together. I don't think that she ever went with him on work trips. She has 3 other kids, now 4. And no husband or man to help her with the kids. But, now he works out of town 5 days a week. And I have to trust that he doesn't have a whole other life there. He could. He could very easily have a nice lady there. And I would be the side girl. But O don't feel that he is cheating in my gut. So.if I ever feel that way I am gone. I won't go through that again.

OrdinaryDude posted 4/6/2018 19:51 PM

Well for us itís easy...neither of us have positions where itís common and could not be compulsory.

If offered I would only go if I could take her, and vice-versa, otherwise work trips get a double veto.

TrulySad posted 4/7/2018 09:23 AM

Iím no longer with the men who cheated on me. But the scars are still here. I started a relationship a while back with a pilot. I was hesitant because of the travel and everything you hear about that industry. Heís gone for half a week, every week. When heís in training, it can be longer. If we stay together, this will be my life until retirement.

We have talked extensively about our fears. He realizes that while itís easier for him to secretly cheat while on trips, I too can do the same while heís gone. He knows Iím afraid of being hurt again. And what feels so good is, he understands. He doesnít want me to live a life of worry. Heíd rather quit his profession, than lose me. And heís never hurt me! Heís teaching me what real devotion is.

We both came up with ways to make each other more comfortable with being apart. He doesnít socialize while gone. He does his work, and goes to his hotel. He says heís happy to do that. Needs his sleep, and itís a nice downtime. We talk every night, and text throughout the day. FaceTime is a regular. We basically treat it as though heís home and off work. Just via the phone.

Itís difficult for me because my head knows how easy it is for him to hide so much. I struggle with that, even with him not being the one who hurt me. I know what that pain feels like, and Iíd rather never be with him, than know it again. But I also believe in giving someone a chance. And that is something he is very much worth. So here I am, in a lifestyle I would have never wanted. Yet we are making it work because we want to be with each other. Whatever that takes, is what we BOTH are willing to do.

Heís worth working through these fears I have and living apart half a week, and Iím worth the changes he made to make me comfortable.

As for how I deal with it..... firstly, he needed to be more concerned with me, than the people he could spend his evenings with while at his hotels (the other pilots and flight attendants). You see, so much of getting through this is what we tell ourselves in our mind. For us to really believe it, we need to believe the person we are with is being honest and true. Itís very hard when we canít ďseeĒ them, on these trips. So how devoted they are to us, and willing to do whatever it takes to stay, shows something.

I also remind myself that Iím worth so much! If I ever find out heís flirting, watching porn, lying to me about meeting up with people, etc.... Iím gone. I know I will survive it. And thatís about as much energy as I can expend on it.

Then I push myself to be busy. Talk with friends, work, catch up on things I canít do when heís here, and tell myself I LOVE the bed by myself. I can sleep all over it, lol. When I start to worry, I let myself think about it, then push forward. I donít lie to myself, and say itís all in my head. The truth is itís not. We all here know the very real reality of infidelity. It can happen anywhere at any time. And I will never push away my worries again. I just canít let them consume me. Instead, I tell myself I can only control my actions. Being with him is a risk. Itís one Iím happy to take. And one I will survive, if he does what others have done.

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