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Karma Bus Finally...yet, ....

just_breathe posted 2/4/2019 14:45 PM

I did several minutes of the happy dance, smiled and chortled for a few minutes, but now I must examine my feelings for a bit.
I recently was told that the XPOS has been disappearing for days on end (wifestress of 2 years told my daughter), "losing" his phone, but miraculously finding it again a couple of days later, etc. Going out of town to help a friend with (fill in the blank here), ... Same old bullshit lies. Yes, it is very satisfying to know that it wasn't me after all. (I knew it wasn't, but we the BS still struggle on this point from time to time)
He also was diagnosed with prostate cancer, but has put off surgery for six months and counting. I'm sorry, I know that it is a serious disease, but OMG!! Married his mistress who was 30 years younger and, you know!
OK, let's review: He had it coming, I waited a long time for this moment, and yet I feel sadness because my two grown children will invariably suffer (again) from their father's actions.
Whether it's Karma, or just run-of-the-mill consequences, it does exist and the advice given to me many years ago still is the best: Live the best life you can!

TrustGone posted 2/5/2019 12:07 PM

I always love the Karma stories when they finally come. It's too bad that their shitty decisions still affect people you love. (((HUGS)))

Snapdragon posted 2/7/2019 19:02 PM

Well, it really sucks when the karma to the one getting it has an effect on the innocent. I'm sorry for any fallout your children will experience.

I may go to hell for this (don't care - I don't believe in heaven or hell) but I have a bit of glee in his situation. I'm glad that you have the solid proof that his cheating ways had nothing to do with you. Yes, we BS still tend to internalize the cheating even in the face of logic. I'm also glad that his mistress has to deal with his wayward behavior. That seems like the universe is evening things out a bit. As for the cancer dx, I have mixed feelings. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. But, then again, there seems to be a certain level of cosmic justice there.

Go easy on yourself in your feelings. Yes, it is ok for you to have a bit of glee. I have no judgement toward you on that at all!

Tripletrouble posted 2/7/2019 22:35 PM

Obviously the best revenge is a life well lived and it sounds like you've done that, but there is no shame in being relieved if not glad when you see the karma bus rolls on in.

We all go through this horrible nightmare and it's satisfying when we see evidence that truly, it wasn't us, it was them. Oh, wifetress is seeing the signs that he is cheating?? Boo hoo. If they will do it with you they will do it to you.

My XH is cheating on his new fiance. She was not an AP. I feel bad for her, but glad to know he cheats not because I was lacking but because he is.

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