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Go Fund Me question

k8la posted 9/9/2019 12:20 PM

We had a wee crisis this past week with our adult son. He's been in college, but suffering from an autoimmune disease that has ground his life to a halt. He has two classes to complete to finish all of his undergrad work.

This last week, his whole side of his body went numb. Doctors are going to be testing him for heavy metals, molds, Lyme Disease, Epstein Barr and Multiple Sclerosis. The tests alone are going to run well above our available resources and he has no health insurance, since he's not enrolled in classes the University Health Clinic can't even help him.

I've been considering setting up a GoFundMe to raise funds to cover the testing to get to a diagnosis, and I have no idea of the cost of treatment once we have a diagnosis, so I have no idea of the amount to set for the target on the fund. I don't know how to handle issues like his privacy, taxes he'll owe, if that will negatively impact his application for medicaid when open enrollment starts, etc.

Has anyone else navigated these waters?

little turtle posted 9/9/2019 19:55 PM

How come he doesn't have health insurance? Especially if he has an autoimmune disease... Can he apply for medicaid now? I don't know anything about Go Fund Me stuff except that the website gets a portion of the funds and I'd rather donate directly if possible.

nightowl1975 posted 9/10/2019 22:31 PM

Iím so sorry heís having medical issues. Iím not sure on an appropriate goal. As for Medicaid eligibility, youíll want the funds sent to your account vs his if you do GFM. In order for an adult to qualify for Medicaid, you really canít have any significant resources at all. I think the limit is $2000, but it may be less. Even one single day of a bank balance above the limit will disqualify you for that time period.

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