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Any fellow horsey moms/dads here?

DragnHeart posted 9/21/2019 04:57 AM

Had the vet up to take a look at our miniature gelding yesterday. I was a nervous wreck for some odd reason but this vet is amazing and everything is ok with the horse.

I've spent alot of time with my Arab mare and not so much with the mini. So while he is usually good for worming and hoof care he had a bit of a tantrum with the vet. We didn't get as much done as hoped for but the vet said that was fine. Work with him more and he will come back. If the horse needs some sedation we will do that.

Now he may be a miniature horse but hes got the attitude of a stallion and he still stands eye to eye with me. We dont have much info on the three horses that are mine now so I wasnt sure if he had any training. He does know what to do when told, but needs a refresher on manners lol.

The biggest issue is my confidence. I can handle tarantulas and large reptiles and be perfectly fine. And I thought I was good with the horses. Apparently not lol. Vet was able to get Mr. MINI to behave better than I could.

And I'm frustrated because it feels like everything I learned when I was working with horses before is all outdated or just doesn't apply to THESE horses. I'm into a whole new education on dealing with horses that have run free for years with little handling. It's a good thing I have some amazing support from the other horse owners and a wonderful vet.

I do have to say that horses are great therapy. Spending time brushing them is relaxing. And you know your a horse person when you forget your pockets are full of carrots when you go out lol

hard_yards posted 9/21/2019 14:44 PM

hi, yes, minis.... horses but different to horses.

I have one, and a thoroughbred, give me the big boy any day.

Mine thinks he's all that, prances around, pretends he's a wild thing, even though he's handled consistently.

They are very opinionated, but can be hilarious, mischievous and great fun.

Maybe work with yours in a small enclosed area, lots of turning, halting, backing up, make it walk over things, around things, just generally behave. The problem is, they are tiny but really need a job, they tend to get kept as paddock mates only and get bored and badly behaved. They need to learn respect of the handler, they can become very badly behaved if allowed to, think of it like dog training.

They are food driven, and treats while training re enforce what they learn.


Watch his weight, they are very prone to laminitis and that can be a life long issue, they need everything that a normal horse does, especially dental checks and hoof trims.

DragnHeart posted 9/21/2019 18:14 PM

Thank you thank you thank you!

Love all the info.

Yes I'm now going to be putting up a small round pen for working one on one with each horse.

The mini isn't a really a small one. When I think "mini" I think like smaller than my St. Bernard small. T isn't small. He is a good 350lbs and stands eye to eye with me. And yes hes just been the companion to the head kd the herd. He is very active and runs around and rears and bucks and just plays the whole wild horse roll when out with the herd so he needs alot more time spent with him.

Next visit vet will sedate if T won't allow him to check his mouth. I expect all three need a float. The Arab has issues maintaining weight. Ok she keeps what she has on but doesn't gain. Vet suggested a mouth check and blanketing her in colder weather. I already give her special grain daily. And her worming is UTD.

Old man is so laid back I could probably jump on bare back without issues. Hes the choker so vet gave some suggestions and again will do a total exam on his next visit.

I'm going to be putting up a fence to go around the area with the shelters, water etc and start keeping the horses all up close to the house at night. It's not a small area, just at the back pasture instead of the lower one. It will get them used to being close to me all the time and me letting them out each morning. Plus once the other dice horses are gone my three have been known not to stick together. That's how the arab got attacked and nearly killed at her old home. She prefers to be off on her own. At that point I'll just rotate them through the different fenced pastures.

Catwoman posted 9/21/2019 18:28 PM

Check for worms, especially bloodworms on the Arab. They don't often show up on a routine scan. The Arab may just be a hard keeper, too, so keep that in mind.

Do you use a twitch? If not, get familiar with how to use one. There is no reason why you couldn't get the mini to submit to an exam. My first gelding needed some sedation for tooth care, but that included extraction, so there's that. Normally my horses did fine with a twitch for anything routine.


DragnHeart posted 9/21/2019 19:25 PM

The vet talked about "the twitch".

The mini is very head shy. You cant come close to his face without him reacting. I used carrots to get him distracted enough for a halter. We decided since he is small and once got his halter caught (on a small tree branch) that when not being worked with he wouldn't wear one. I left this one on this time so I can bring him out easier tomorrow.

The vet said that he wanted the horses to have a positive experience with him and the mini was already upset from being taken from the herd. I'll take him out every day now to get him used to being handled and we will try again. None of the things I was concerned about were issues for the vet, nor things that couldn't wait a month or so (vaccines).

The previous owner and the owners of the other five all refer to the Arab us a "hard keeper". But thank you, I'll have the vet check for those worms as well.

These horses had been on 400 acres and just left to be wild. We were told they had been ridden before but it's been at least five years since they had as much handling as just I have done since being here. I've been given the name.of a good trainer for refreshers for them as well. Something I'll do in the spring.

hard_yards posted 9/21/2019 20:16 PM

With your arab, try hard feed, nothing heating, sugar beet flake is good (must be soaked), boiled barley is great for fattening, rice bran pellets are good, soya bean pellets are great (must be soaked), Oil is really good, start off with half a cup and go up to a cup a day. All these feeds help put weight on without upsetting the temperament of the horse. Ad lib hay can't be beaten too.

definitely get their teeth checked, worm them and with your arab maybe some baseline bloods done, she may be lacking in something.

Superesse posted 9/21/2019 20:59 PM

I feel ya.... are you sure this Arab mare isn't back-crossed to a Thoroughbred (Race horse)?

In the dog world, people keep telling me they are all individuals, but I quote the old saying in Thoroughbred breeding (the foundation of that breed is, after all, descended from 3 Arabian stallions imported to England): "Blood will tell." I owned an x-race horse gelding much like your mare...a gentleman, but his metabolism just refused to cooperate with weight gain! If anything bothered him, he'd "worry it off." And he found lots of things to get excited about!

After I tried for over a year to "make a pleasure horse out of him," I semi-reluctantly returned him to race training ("because he wants to be a race horse," the knowledgeable horse folk told me, just look at his breeding!") So I did, and danged if he didn't win money! Not enough to pay his expenses, however, but all the while, gotta admit, HE thought he was Living The Life!

Part of it was testosterone, hate to tell ya; I suspect he was gelded a bit late, due to his "illustrious ancestors." A common problem in the breeding business....

And there is the "funny" thing my racehorse trainer told me once, which may offend some - apologies in advance - he said to me "I can always tell a 'woman-broke horse,' because they get coddled from foalhood...(and thus they learn no respect for humans.)

My SAWH said the very same thing about deer in his country, that are raised in captivity for venison...the second generation loses ALL FEAR of man, and THEY are the ones who will hurt a farmer.

So I think your Mini believes, from his life experiences, that he is King Kong...and at that size, it's so cute....until it isn't, right? I'd treat him with all due respect for HIS opinion of himself....and don't get in to a head-to-head with him, if you can avoid it.

How are you, after your illness and accident?

DragnHeart posted 9/21/2019 21:38 PM

I'm doing the oil on her feed now. I'll definitely have a chat with the vet about adjusting the diet to include the other stuff.

Teeth will be checked and gliated if need be for all of them. Bloodwork for the Arab for sure now.

I have no idea about the breeding. I was told the "old man" is a Tennessee Walker but the other horse people here think hes not. All I know is hes huge and reminds me.of a moose without antlers lol.

The mini responded very well to the Male vet while acting up with me and the other woman. Vet told me I need to gain more confidence and show no fear. I didn't think I was showing fear really but perhaps that's what the horse sees.

I was just plain nervous about having the vet there in the first place. We've had so many people show up to bitch about the horses that I was worried. The vet on the other hand said ya the shelters are great but we all know the horses will stand beside them instead of going inside. He really put my mind to ease.

As for me. I'm hurting. My shoulder is a mess. Feels like a hot spike is being thrust through the back of it. My head is still sore too lol. I'm over the cold for the most part with occasional runniness but that horrible feeling of claustrophobia is gone thank God!

I had a rough day out with dd today which was hard for both of us. That's a whole other topic. I feel drained. I'd love a vacation somewhere tropical lol.

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