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2 year anniversary

whoami62 posted 11/6/2019 15:39 PM

That should sound like a happy thing to most people , but not here ...
Today marks the day that I confirmed my worse fears

Today is the two year marker of the worst day of my life

Today is the official " Dday " although there were other blips on the screen prior to 11/06/2017 ( such as discovering his porn addiction )

Today , two years ago, I was told by my FWH that he had a short affair , although as many of us here know, that was just the tip of the iceberg

Today is the anniversary of the day I forgot how to breathe
Today is the anniversary of when my marriage and life as I knew it , died

Today is the anniversary of the day when I learned about the ultimate betrayal

Today is the anniversary when I began to cover up my husband's infidelity in order to protect him , our children , his mother , my mother , our business. etc

I am sad
I am anxious
I am also grateful that he is working very hard at his recovery as a sex addict , and I am grateful for the incredible team that costs us an arm and a leg , but finally has cracked him open and made it possible to heal from a lifetime of damaging experiences , abuse and darkness that made this all happen

We are working hard , although neither of us are fully healed and I still am angry and bitter towards his AP and nowhere near forgiveness for either of them

Jimmy1962 posted 11/6/2019 15:52 PM

I am sorry that you are here. Infidelity sucks.

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