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Holiday sadness

Phcj123 posted 12/24/2019 06:56 AM

Husband cheated and left me 3 months ago. Have been doing pretty well until the holidays hit. Ex took our 15 month old son to Florida yesterday to visit his family for Xmas. I am Jewish so I donít celebrate but just woke up sooo sad now that I will be alone. I had loved celebrating Xmas the last 8 years.

I just feel completely alone now. I have a small group of close friends and all are either married or live elsewhere. My only single close friend here has always had problems and is not reliable. She cancelled on our plans last minute sat night and cancelled New Years so now I have no plans. Have been doing online dating and canít get one date.

How do you guys start over like this and get through the holidays alone ?

cancuncrushed posted 12/24/2019 07:15 AM

This is my second Christmas alone. I have grown children They live far away. Thus divorce has broken our family. Everyone is sad and uncomfortable. They are building new lives. That makes me feel even more lonely.

I have told several people that I will be totally alone. They were all shocked. They have never known anyone to be alone on Christmas. Great. I felt worse.

I purposely decided to be alone this year. Iím tired of trying. And still not succeeding. Itís been 1.5 years since Xwh discarded me. The pain has lessened. I am stuck.

Iím working on my house. Staying busy with small projects. Itís hard to be enthusiastic Itís hard to be normal. I can not force it or rush it. I accept that. Iím healing. xwh was Npd This takes awhile. It was years of emotional abuse.

I donít know my future. I do know itís best to heal first. Time heals much. I have not dated. Havenít met any men. I notice how strange it is to live around so many people in a big city. And Iím invisible.

Itís going to be better. There is no way but up. I will be ready
Iím doing the work. Iím reading the books recommended Iím findlly sleeping

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