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Karma bus, again

Hurtingnconfused posted 7/21/2020 15:51 PM

Last post, Exwhs transmission fell out of his truck, 2 weeks after 2PA. Laughed. Then there was a leak in my house from him moving the washer for me. Water damage on three floors. Figured karma was getting me back for laughing.

Nope! Almost a total gut of the kitchen and I had a 1300 deductible, of which he is responsible for half!! So a new kitchen! Pretty sure there was previous damage from a previous leak and the sink cabinet was messed up. Now ALL new!! Hes agreed to sand and stain all the hard wood floors in the house for his share. I dont know who is looking out for me but so grateful.

Divorce was final on July 8th. Still having dreams about him. Some are pretty awful, like his new kid m wife are in my house working with him, and hes HAPPY. Others are pretty erotic and that makes no sense. Ugh!!!

But yay! New kitchen

Chili posted 7/21/2020 16:04 PM

Yay on the new kitchen! That was my biggest post-mess gift to myself. (I think it cost a lot more than yours though.) But worth every penny.

You sound good HNC. Get that cook on!

Hurtingnconfused posted 7/21/2020 17:23 PM

Bought myself a new living room set. SHOULD NOT have done it as I have to drive it to AZ and no idea what kind of house/apt Im gonna find but it just said it was mine

IrishGirlVA posted 7/22/2020 12:24 PM

Oooo, do you benefit from the kitchen upgrade when it comes to home value? If yes, double laugh!

Hurtingnconfused posted 7/22/2020 18:53 PM

Will certainly list it as an upgraded kitchen remodel!! Bought ALL new appliances a month before everything went down so that will also help with the sale of the house ..... that and he has to pay for half the Home Depot bill of which the appliances are on

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