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Dumb luck pond placement help

DragnHeart posted 9/24/2020 09:05 AM

So we live in an area that's pretty much all rock. Shale rock. So huge slabs of rocks. Total bitch to dig post holes...even with a tractor

I got a free, prefabricated pond. Thought it would be awesome in the back for the ducks and geese who will be joining the goats in their pen.

I started digging this out By Hand last year, all the while thinking a Backhoe would be soooooo much easier!

Got ambitious yesterday and decided to finish the hole and place the pond.

My back is killing me!

Got through the dirt later with rocks, then the clay layer with rocks and then hit something solid...started slowly picking away at the clay to reveal a massive cement and gravel slab. Now I know theres weeping tiles out the back of the house BUT this is WAY back there AND off to the side. Never expected to find anything like this.

I also thought weeping tiles were clay pipes. Not a huge slab of cement. Maybe that's covering the tiles? In any case I'm now left to wonder of I try for another hole OR just place the pond and fill in the gap (it's not a deep enough hole for the pond to sit at ground level).

I wanted the pond there to help with drainage as this entire area floods in the spring and after a hard rain. Now I guess I know why. Theres no place for the water to go. I could drill a hole in the side of the pond to fill up with water from the area. At least it will keep the pond filled and reduce the amount if water in the pen and along the back/south side of the property.


I dont think the pond filled with water could hurt this slab as theres a huge pile of old hydro poles close by (also helping to contain the water to that area...), we know that my uncle drove his tractor out there and so have we and its located just south of the old barn I built which wasnt small.

Wh used the tractor to start a pond hole further back behind the pen in the area that's wet back there. He was able to dig quite deep so I dont think this cement thing extends that far back. I will be digging it out the rest of the way by hand just in case lol.

I'm almost curious enough to keep digging to see if I can find the edge. If it's not apart of the weeping tiles, maybe my uncle buried something out there?

Superesse posted 9/24/2020 09:13 AM

Sure sounds like a septic tank to me...

DragnHeart posted 9/24/2020 09:20 AM

The tank, according to the plans and detailed paperwork left by my uncle is directly behind the house. There were detail instructions to finding it.

Since neither the well or septic were accessible we had to go digging for both. The well when the pump died and the septic when my dad insisted we find it "just in case".

Neither have the cement circle above ground. Both were buried. The well is now exposed but we need to add a cement piller thing to make it higher. God I cant for the life of me find the right word. Hope you can get what I'm trying to say.

Both the well and septic access points were covered in styrofoam sheets.

This cement slab had nothing on it. And it's really far from the house. Beyond the fence line into the back field.

Would a septic tank be placed that far back?

Superesse posted 9/24/2020 10:32 AM

Well, clearly it was manmade, from your description. I know I have an older septic system that was abandoned on this place in the 1980's and a newer, pump system put in. I had to be careful not to run heavy equipment over the old tank, or Ooops! We were adding fill dirt to that side of the house and I put rebars on the ground over it...

I can't imagine whatcha got there....a 1960's Fallout shelter??

DragnHeart posted 9/24/2020 10:48 AM

I can't imagine whatcha got there....a 1960's Fallout shelter??

The house was built early '80's so unsure if a shelter would have been built in a vacant field used for cattle.

I know the entire area around the house and where the house itself is was built up. We have photos I'd thr well being dug. The straight pipe was at ground level. They then put a 4 foot cement tube over top with a top on it and access hole that just fits a person. Then the entire area was filled in and the top of the well lid was covered in about a foot or so of dirt. So at least 5 feet from the original ground level.

So the house is up on a hill and all water drains away from it even with all the flooding we get in the back yard our basement doesmt flood.

I've filed in the hole a bit, placed the pond and am back filling the space. I will build up the back totally and then dig out a shallow area in the front to help hold water from the flooding. So instead of mini ponds/wet spot all over the south side it's directed all into one area.

Since we had very bad rain this year that flooded above where it usually does making the duck coop and chicken coop all water I dug out trenches and put in tubing to help drain the water. That has helped a tonne.

hcsv posted 9/24/2020 12:18 PM

For a natural way to direct water run off, google permaculture swale or berm. It's really interesting and I'm sure you have everything you need right on your property.

Sounds like you have a great idea for the pond.

DragnHeart posted 9/24/2020 16:00 PM

I've read up on it a bit. Have to do more reading.

But theres no slope to start. It's like a valley.

If I wasnt worried about anonymity I'd just post a photo.

DragnHeart posted 9/26/2020 09:07 AM

So I was talking to my dad about this cement block and hes actually so curious he says just dig it all up.

It's not going to be weeping tiles.

Maybe another septic tank....

It her suggested it could be the foundation of an old barn or structure from back in the day....

Unfortunately everyone who knew my uncle at the time this place was built has passed on.

We have the original building plans for the house. Receipts for all thr plugs, light fixtures, bathroom tiling etc (yes he kept everything!!!). And theres no mention of a second septic tank out beyond the fence line.

I said maybe I need an Ouigi Board to contact my uncle and just ask him lol

I'm going to leave it as is. For now. I need to get the rest of my fences up so the pond is placed, the kids will be bringing over some rocks from a close pit to fill in the gap and then I will fill it and get my ducks and geese in there.

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