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Flying this weekend

betsy62 posted 10/6/2020 21:58 PM

If you have flown recently, I am just wondering what your thoughts are about things.
My flight is one way. About a 2 hour flight.
I am on a major carrier.
I will be masked up, gloved up probably. I have a seat in the first row of economy, so I don't think there are seats right in front of me. But, there is always the person right behind me.....
It is a short enough flight where I will not have to use the bathroom on the plane....unless there is some sort of bodily function emergency.
Did you feel safe on the plane? In the airports?
Did/do you feel the airlines are doing a good job?
Luckily I am only going one way.
A friend and I will be driving the 950 miles back, in one long ass drive!
Thanks for any thoughts and suggestions.
Don't tell me not to go though.....it is too late. My friend is counting on me to help her come and see her elderly, cancer stricken dad. And, yes, we are doing this as safe as we can....we are quarantining for two weeks before we start the drive back.
Never did I imagine I would use my 2 weeks of vacation from my job, to go sit in the middle of literally nowhere. But, I would do anything for this friend, and her dad.

wildbananas posted 10/7/2020 10:03 AM

My boy flew a couple months ago. He said the airline (also a major carrier) had everyone spaced out really well. I don't know if that was because not many people were flying, but he said they had several rows in between each passenger.

He said he felt perfectly safe. He did sanitize his tray, arm rests, seatbelt, etc... but to be fair, he would have done that, anyway. He's a self-admitted germaphobe, even in non-corona times. lol

thebighurt posted 10/7/2020 11:12 AM

I have not flown, but have watched this as I may need to. I have seen CDC guidance that a cough or sneeze may travel two rows of airline seats away. But the airline may have few enough travelers that they can place passengers that far away anyway.

Maybe because I have gone to those sites, an ad popped up for a "airline travel kit" of sorts that included what they say is "everything you need to safely travel", like hand sanitizer, wipes, etc. and maybe instructions on the best way to use them to be safe in a plane. I'm not saying you may need to get one of the kits, just that they exist and may be a source of items to include? You likely have it all at home to take.

I have a bag I take with me everywhere that contains TP, wipes in a ziploc, extra masks, gloves, glasses, etc., and always have hand sanitizer attached handily to my purse. I do get some looks in some places, but no one has challenged me for carrying it in their business.

If you worry or just want assurance, maybe a call to a travel agency or look on trusted sites with advice like travel sites or Consumer Reports for suggestions? Remember that the suggested instructions also apply to the airport. Use the same care on surfaces there.

Safe travels. You are a dedicated friend to do this.

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