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Social anxiety disorder

J707 posted 10/30/2020 12:41 PM

My DD13 is back home and one of the main causes for her depression is caused by social anxiety disorder. She is on Zoloft and has her first IOP appointment today, talk therapy via online video.

She is very uncomfortable in social settings. Stores, school, anywhere there are people. She doesn't know what to say or is afraid she will say the wrong thing. She has a hard time opening up but journaling seems to help. She knows she is loved but she feels like a screw up, worthless in a sense. She says her worth was in her productivity and that is gone.

We are going out into nature after the appointment today to walk around and take pictures. I will wait and see what the new IC says, if anything as this is only the first appointment. I've talked with her and we did talk to the Dr.s at the Psychiatric hospital upon discharge.

But my question for y'all. Have any of you dealt with social anxiety disorder with yourself or your children? Any tips or suggestions.

sisoon posted 10/30/2020 13:40 PM

You bet. I handle it by pretty much isolating myself ... but I'm changing that. A little.

Looks like your daughter is an outlier WRT teenage angst. My heart goes out to her. I hope her supporters get her to see her immense value as she is and to see that she'll grow and learn and be able to live joyfully.

I know it doesn't help a kid who's going through this to say, 'Of course you're a screw-up. That's how you learn.' I wish it were as simple as saying that a couple of times.

I'm sending mojo your family's way and hoping the IC is terrific.

ZenMumWalking posted 11/5/2020 21:04 PM

My DS1 is somewhat social anxiety, DS2 very much so, DS3 is a social charmer but has been a little less so since he was raped a few years ago.

It can be helpful to introduce her to 'safe' social situations - like ordering a meal at a restaurant, buying the movie or ice skating rink tickets, things like that. You could have this in a therapeutic setting instead of doing it yourself if it seems like you are pushing her too much.

If you do it, make sure that you include positive reinforcement for her attempts and also successes. Say things like 'I know that must have been hard for you, I'm so proud that you (did it, tried it). How do YOU feel about it?' That kind of stuff.

See if there are relaxing things that she can do.

You are obviously doing the right thing by having her on medication and therapy. You can also talk to her therapist to see whether they have suggestions on how you can help and support her.

Hang in there ((((J707))))

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